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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tales from the Roots: Curls to get the girls

First day 
 Here is another one of my transition styles. I have always loved a full head of curls and I've found that it is gorgeous at any hair length. Just a warning for naturals nazi's: I did use heat to achieve this style! Some folks believe that you shouldn't use heat on your hair but I'm not a part of that school of thought. I don't like putting heat on my hair too often but I do it once a month sometimes more.

To achieve this look I used my 1 inch Royale flat irons to tightly curl my hair. After I curled each section I rolled the hot hair around the orange perm rods. I ran out so I used flexi rods at the top but it worked out fine because they were about the same size as the other rollers. In the morning I fluffed and slicked my edges.
Day two

Amazingly I was able to wear my hair curly for an entire week without having to put heat on it again.

Each night I would pin curl the curls at the back of my head with bobby pins and put the flexi rods at the top. After a day or so the curls in the back started to loosen so I just added more rollers at night. By the end of the week my hair was basically trained. On Friday I didn't even wrap or roll my hair and the ends still had a bump to the ends in the morning.

I was satisfied with my hair, it was really easy to achieve and the upkeep was simple. Oil it and roll it back up at night. The first night sleeping was not fun but after that night I didn't have to use as many rollers. I've never tried something like this without heat and I'm not sure how it would work out on transitioning hair but Hey, anything is possible. I just chose to use heat because I don't have a problem with occasionally flat ironing my hair. At the end of the week I washed and tried out a pre-poo to help my hair revert, stay tuned for the results...

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