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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ways to Wear it: Pearls

Since, well forever, pearls have been a must have piece in every woman's jewelry box. Pearls were worn by the royals of places like Ancient Persia, Rome, Greece and Egypt. So they have been around quite a while. Back then they represented romance, purity and wealth, which was a very important factor in owning a strand. To this day these gems are difficult to attain and were considerably more so back then, so of course only a few had the privilege of wearing them. In fact, in England only the royal and nobility were legally allowed to wear them.

Because of their history and rarity culturally their association with wealth, class, and sophistication as well femininity and glamour has stuck. This is one of the main reasons women choose to wear them to special occasions such as weddings, formal dinners and job interviews. Nothing gives the impression of professional and respectable woman like wearing pearls on a job interview. 

But luckily attaining this look is not restricted to the wealthy anymore. Adding a single strand of real white or pink pearls to your jewelry box can cost you between $5,000- $10,000 but average girls such as myself can find knock off pearls in basically any retail store. So pick your price!

This pearl necklace is from Premier Designs. Which is a costume jewelry company that gives shows & allows your to buy your jewelry from a vendor much like Mary Kay. I got these from a party my aunt held not too long ago. They have gorgeous pieces that are of a higher quality than your average Forever 21 necklace. With that being said they also come with a higher price range but that is to be expected. At the show the host displayed all of the jewelry and showed us how to style the pieces, many of which can be worn multiple ways.

This 90 inch pearl strand is called 'Opening Night' and she costs about $40.
I also purchased the Clip It to go along with it. This helps a lot with styling the pearls but you can also use it with other jewelry.

I have learned a few styles from the show and online so I wanted to show you different ways to wear your pearls.

Six Ways to Wear Pearls 

Crochet/ Twisted
This is my favorite way to wear pearls. You will need the Clip it for this style. Simply Triple the pearl loop then twist in opposite directions. Secure behind your neck with the clip it and you're done. This looks extremely classy. It would look perfect with a simple sheath dress on a job interview or semi formal dinner.

Tripled & Quadrupled
These two styles may be the most easy and common ways to wear pearls. Simply loop the pearls around your neck either 3 or 4 times and stagger the loops so that the loops are not all the same size.
If you quadruple the pearls they will mostly be the same size and closer to your neck. I usually wear my pears tripled when wearing them in a more casual way, like with a tee shirt & jeans.

You can add flair to any style of pearls by adding accessories. Premier Designs sells a lot of clip on pieces to add to their pearls and other necklaces. I did not purchase any of their add-ons, instead I used a broach I already owned. You just need to clip the broach over the strand. Take your time, and be sure not to damage your pearls or pinch yourself.

Clip It Knot
Here is another style that you will need the Clip it to achieve. Double the strand and tie a knot in the middle. the loop won't be large enough to slip over your head so you will need to use the clip it to secure both ends behind your neck. Having the clip it is nice. It helps if you have big hair and don't want to disturb your head when putting a necklace over your head.

Hanging Knot
This style is very much like the mid knot. You will double the strand and place around your neck but instead of tying the strand in the middle you will tie your knot as close to the end as possible. Both knot styles would look really cute with a pants suit to work or on a job interview.

Mid Knot
If you don't own a Clip it you can still achieve the knotted pearl look. Double the strand and place around your neck. Now tie the strand in a knot mid way between your neck and the bottom of the strand. Mid Knot done! Basically the same look as the Clip It knot but without the Clip It.

Knotted Choker
This is the most formal of the styles I have tried. It reminds me of something a wife of Henry VIII would have worn. In a word, Vintage. You can achieve this style by tripling your strand then tying a knot in the middle. Secure behind your neck with the clip it.

I do plan on learning more styles and possibly do an update!
For a video tutorial of these styles be sure to click the below link and watch the video on my YouTube page! 

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