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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Adore Me 1st Month

Video Review at the bottom of this post!
Adore Me is a monthly subscription company, much like JustFab or ShoeDazzel, that sells lingerie, swim wear and pajamas. I first heard about them from YouTube. The Bronzegoddess01 did a few reviews for them so I decided to give them a shot.
It's actually pretty nice. You pay $39.95 per month and can pick anything you like or you can skip by the 5th of the month without being charged. They will remind you via email & text to skip or order before you are charged.

If you don't want the pressure of having to remember to skip you can do a 'pay as you go' deal but you don't get all of the VIP perks like $10 off any style, any time, your first set for $24.95 and VIP only sales & sets. Not to mention the 6th set is FREE.

For my first set I picked Kaydence. Which is a simple silk pajama set. This is something you can wear to bed or even under a thin summer dress/outfit. I felt that this was a safe choice since I was worried about picking a bra. I've never bought a bra that I haven't previously tried on. Honestly for the past 5 or so years I have shopped exclusively at Victoria's Secret and only buying 1 of 2 bras that I know fit me perfectly. Saying this out loud sounds a little ridiculous so next month I will try out a bra & panty set.

regular price $49.95
VIP price $39.99 (Automatic $10 off on any set)
I paid $19.95 (Summer sale $20 off)
*free shipping & Exchanges on all sets*

Victoria's Secret offers silky short sets like this usually for $50-$60 per set. You may get lucky and catch your size during their semi annual sale but even then you are going to pay $25-$35 for a set.
In addition to the reasonably priced sets you can also catch great sales throughout the month, all of which are sent to you via email & posted on their site. Now they have a Buy one get one free sale on sets so there is always motivation to get you shopping.

Overall Review
I would say to not have this shipped to your job like I did. I wasn't aware that the lingerie would not be sent in a UPS or post office package but in the Adore Me box. This isn't a terrible thing. The packaging is black and low key but you may want more privacy than this.

Inside of the box came the lingerie wrapped in red & pink tissue paper along with a catalog, the Adore Me introduction packet which has info about the monthly subscription process and a $10 coupon on my next box. I'm assuming I received these last two things because this was my first box.


The quality of the material is nice but I expected it to be more silky, like my slips form Victoria's Secret, but instead it had more of a satin finish. The fit was nice. the top is really flattering and fit me well. The bottoms are a bit cheeky in the back which I think is really cute but it is also comfortable to sleep or lounge around in.

I look forward to ordering my next box. I was going to skip July but now that I have a $10 off coupon I will definitely be getting something else.

Click the below video to see my opening of my June box.

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