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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Secret Trench

Allow me to introduce you to my latest love, The Secret Trench from Victoria's Secret....

The Steal 

   Normally this coat is $198, but I caught it on sale for $158. It may seem a little high, but looking around on various websites (Macy's, Zappos, Express, etc) I found that most double breasted, Mid length trench coats went for this price. I didn't want to buy cheap because I wanted this coat to last so I went ahead and ordered it from VS. This was my first time buying clothes from VS so I was worried that it would be cheap (despite the price) or wouldn't fit but I assumed because it is from Victoria's Secret that it would be cute &  flattering to my silhouette. At the time there was a promotion for free shipping and a free pair of panties with the purchase of a bra so I also purchased a bra so that I could take advantage of the free shipping, which knocked $20 off my total.

The Coat  

    The coat is amazing. It is outlined with a leather like material, which is really different and stands out from other coats I have seen. It also has a soft pink, polyester lining which adds that signature Victoria's Secret touch to the coat.
    The fit is perfect. I used the sizing chart on the VS website & decided I would go with a size four and it turned out to be really accurate.
    I've worn it a couple times, usually when the weather is about 50-70 degrees and I've been really comfortable. I've been careful not to wear dark denim with it because I know my jeans would bleed into the lining or worse, the bottom of the coat. So I have been wearing my white denim or dress pants. 
   In the picture I am rocking a pair of ankle pants in the 2014 color of the year, Wild Orchard. These are made by Worthington, a brand sold in JC Penney, priced at $40 but I got them on sale for $20. My Shoes are also from JC Penney. These are called Icey and are made by Cosmopolitan. I bought these at their regular price of $39.99. But of course I had a $10 off coupon, which was split between my two items. So my final damage was $16.66 for the pants and $33.32 for the shoes. 

    All in all I am thoroughly pleased with my coat. There is no better feeling than strutting down Michigan Ave on a 60 degree day in your fabulous trench coat. That alone makes this coat worth the $158 I spent but more importantly this coat makes any outfit I wear much more chic than any other spring coat I currently have. One thing I need to work on in my wardrobe is my outerwear selection. But this is a nice step in the right direction. Bomber Jackets are also in this spring so I may get one if I find one that catches my eye. I usually don't spend a lot of money on on-trend items because they don't tend to stick around too long, so I definitely won't be spending big bucks on one of those but a trench coat on the other hand... Those are in for life.

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