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Monday, April 28, 2014

Funky Flats

While winter was over staying its welcome in Chicago I was keeping my eyes on the prize (and my coupons). Spring Cometh!  I have been diligently working on my shoe game because at the beginning of last summer I realized I was in a bad spot. I owned one pair of sandals and one pair of flats. I know right, a nightmare. I bought a few pairs in the essential colors and I really worked those four pairs the entire summer. But this summer I will do better!! It's not sandal weather just yet so I am working on my flats and gym shoes.

The great part about spring is the sales. You can find a lot of great winter or fall things going on sale because the stores are preparing for spring, but you can also bank on the sales and promotion for the new spring clothes. From my experience these sales are no where near as good as the end of season sales but you can still get some good stuff. Another thing to look out for is Easter, Father's Day & Mother's day coupons and sales. Even if you aren't buying Easter Sunday attire or a Mother's Day gift you can still take advantage of the deals most stores are offering at this time. I took advantage of the 30% coupon Payless sent me as part of an Easter promotion and bought the colorful flats pictures below. I ended up only play $16.99 (before taxes) for these shoe. On a different day my mom and I went back and took advantage of a friends and family 30% coupon, allowing me to scoop up that darling pair of blush/nude flats.

Like I said, my sandal collection was utterly pathetic but my flats were even worse. I own a black & coral pair but you really cant wear those with anything. But owning a nude pair & a pair with a floral like pattern allow me to have more options with different outfits. That's also one of the reasons I picked up these white Keds. Even though I have to be slightly neurotic while wearing them because I don't want them to be stained I LOVE these shoes. The cut & fit of Keds are extremely comfortable but I especially love the cut of the Teacup Keds as well. I wear a size 9, which is pretty average but I always feel that shoes like this make me feet look huge. I was surprised to see that my feet look dainty and light in these bad boys. I got them from JC Penney, which doesn't have a great selection of colors and styles of Keds so I will definitely be looking online to grab a more unique pair later this month. I wasn't able to use any coupons on these shoes because JC Penney's coupons restricts usage on various brands and items, athletic shoes being one of them, so I paid the full price of $40. It was irritating not being able to use my $10 off coupon like I planed but I don't regret buying the shoes at all.

Last but not least we come to my Target Canvas gym shoes. This pair of shoes fit nicely into the pastel & floral trend for spring. These are regular priced at $14 but I used a 25% off cartwheel coupon and got them for $11! I'm pretty content with my flat selection, not it's just a waiting game for the weather to warm up so I can do some sandal shopping!!

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