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Monday, March 17, 2014

Lunch Bag Swag

     I know this is about to sound crazy, but I hate buying take out! I would much rather spend my money on things I can enjoy later... Let me explain. When spending money on clothes, hair, even your bills you can see the results. You pay the light bill and you can see the lights on in your house, you buy clothes and you can have them to wear  later but if you're spending big bucks on fast food you eat it then its gone and so is your money .And the worst part is that you'll just be hungry again later!

      As the weather gets nicer I notice that a lot of my co-workers are going out for lunch pretty much everyday. I'll admit it is very temping. We are right on Michigan Ave in downtown Chicago and there is literally everything within walking distance from us. But things change when you really sit down and add up the money you spend eating take out every week.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Work Wear: Gold and Bubbly

Ever since I stopped working at Target I vowed to continue to wear the two pairs of Khaki pants I bought specifically for Target purposes! I just think it would be wrong if I let two perfectly good pairs of pants (That I JUST bought) sit in my drawer and rot. Sooo I have been incorporating them into my wardrobe. I usually only wear dark denim, cotton or leather leggings and skirts as bottoms during the winter. Even in the summer I find myself in dark denim shorts or brightly colored bottoms, never khaki. In my mind it was always a color or type of pant that was for work or formal wear. But with some playing around and consulting Pintrest for ideas I found that Khakis aren't just for Target employees and Country Club kids, they're cute! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Work Wear: Houndstooth Swag

 This entire outfit is from New York & Company, one of my new favorite places to shop for cute work clothes. Our dress code is pretty lenient but I like to look cute, comfortable, casual but still mature and classy. This gray sweater has a wide neck, which allows a little skin to be shown in the shoulder area. The hounds tooth pattern is metalic so it shimmers at a certain angle. When I bought this the store was having a 40% off sale so I paid no more than $15 for this shirt, which is great because it was originally $50! The jeans I have on are actually dark wash denim leggings, a steal for only $30. I am in love with these things. other than the waist back and the lack of a front zipper, no one would ever know that you were wearing leggings. My original plan was not to wear my grey uggs with this outfit but because of the snow and cold I had to properly protect my feet against the elements. I wore my 'B' necklace, also from NY&C with diamond studs.

Tangle Tamer Trials & Tribulations

After seeing Yolanda Renee defining her curls with the Hair Bean on YouTube I have been obsessed with finding it. Little did I know, but soon found out, there are a couple different brushes that are similar but made by different companies. The funny thing is that most of them have similar names. To my knowledge there is The Tangle Teezer, Tangle Tamer, the Hair Bean and another bursh that I saw in the dollar section at Target from another brand. I wasn't going to try it after hearing mixed reviews but when I saw it at Marshall's for only $4.99 I figured I didn't have much to lose. The brush promises tearless and easy de-tangling for all hair types. FYI I always give products that claim to work for "all hair types" the side eye, but I digress...
So I washed and deep conditioned my hair and decided to use the Tangle Tamer to de-tangle while the conditioner was still in my hair.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

March Favorites

Here's a short list of my current favorite things. Some of these are old and others a new purchases that I have fallen in love with. Enjoy!

1. Hunger Games at Target for $8.49: I couldn't resist. I told myself I wouldn't read these books, or I would at least wait until I had seen the third movie but I bought it anyway. How could I not after seeing Stephen King's endorsement on the back cover, he's my fav!! After having it for barely 48 hours I am already 100 pages in. I love this book! I barely wanted to get off the train this morning because I was so into the story. Suzanne Collins paints a very vivid picture of the world Katniss and Peeta live in and I love it. As I read I even find myself comparing the book to the movie and I have to say the movie got a lot of it right. This was an impulse buy, its at least $4 cheaper on amazon but I couldn't help myself. I also haven't bought a paper back in a long time, I usually buy the Kindle version of everything (saves money!) but having a physical book is a nice change.

2. Satin Pillow on sale at Target for $6.78 Down from $7.99: I have been looking for a satin pillow online for a while so image my delight when I saw that they are sold in Target. By the way, shout out to Target and it's growing selection for natural hair women, I remember not too long ago when all they had was Miss Jessie's product line. But now, in addition to the natural products, Target carry's Evolve, a line of tools for natural girls. They have silk scarves, bonnets, shower caps, pillow cases, wide tooth combs and more. Last week this same pillow was going for $7.99 but a week later I was able to get it for $6.78 which definitely put a smile on my face. I was a bit mistrusting of it but I have nothing bad to say. The pillow case was big enough to fit a king sized
pillow if need be, it is very soft and the fushia color doesn't bleed. I slept on it with my hair in dry two strand twists and woke up to my hair being perfectly in place, no frizz and plenty of moisture! I most def. recommend this.