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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Work Wear: Gold and Bubbly

Ever since I stopped working at Target I vowed to continue to wear the two pairs of Khaki pants I bought specifically for Target purposes! I just think it would be wrong if I let two perfectly good pairs of pants (That I JUST bought) sit in my drawer and rot. Sooo I have been incorporating them into my wardrobe. I usually only wear dark denim, cotton or leather leggings and skirts as bottoms during the winter. Even in the summer I find myself in dark denim shorts or brightly colored bottoms, never khaki. In my mind it was always a color or type of pant that was for work or formal wear. But with some playing around and consulting Pintrest for ideas I found that Khakis aren't just for Target employees and Country Club kids, they're cute! 

I created this look, which is inspired by a look I found on Pintrest, by using gold and brown accessories to ad depth to my neutral pallet. I got the khaki pants from Aeropostale, the shirt from Forever 21 and my lovely boots are called "Tall Tale" & they're from Bakers. I wore a nude camisole underneath the white just to hide any bra straps and to ad an extra layer of warmth, the shirt is made of a nice fabric but it doesn't provide much warmth in the Chicago cold. 

I have also paired these pants with my Chambray Denim top, a white fitted button up with a chunky sweater on top and a tee-shirt Blazer combo. But one thing I won't do is pair these with a red shirt every again! I even saw the Kardashians rocking their nude/ Khaki so I felt even more validated in my choice to rock this outfit. Say what you want about that family but those chicks can dress! Right now the Khakis are helping me brighten up winter but I will continue to rock these bad boys into spring and you can count on more pictures! 
I wore a simple gold bow, also from Forever 21, in freshly twisted hair. I've changed my hair regiment yet again so I'll be doing another Tales From the Roots blog with my updated routine and product list soon. 
Thanks for reading :-) Remember to share! 

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