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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

E.L.F Makeup Haul

Hey Girl! 
New content up on my YouTube page! 
I recently did a little shopping on Make sure you check it out 

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Monday, May 18, 2015

OOTW: Graduation Edition

I recently attended the graduation ceremony of my Aunt, She received her masters degree in Social Work. Here is the outfit I wore.

The weather was a little cloudy & cool that day but I wanted to wear a skirt and spring colors despite the 66 degree high. So I opted for a pencil skirt & a simple shirt. I wore a slip under the skirt to add a little warmth and to help everything lay smoothly. You might recognize the yellow top from my recent haul video. I really love the construction of this shirt. The fitted tank and flowy chiffon pleated front make it perfect for wearing with a skirt or suit pant.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Spring Look Book Video!

Hi Ladies!
 I just uploaded a look book video to correspond with the last 4 outfits I uploaded. Check it out on my YouTube page and make sure you like and subscribe if you'd like to see more!

I'm Onnat: Spring & Summer looks for 2015!

For more info on these looks check out the following links:
Chiffon Shirt Dress ~ Ivory Dress like Romper

If you like the song Featured in the video make sure you check out Drew Fridge on iTunes and Soundcloud!
Twitter/Instagram Info is @drewfridge

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring Look book: Ivory Romper

Pleated Dresslike Ivory Romper

Despite their restroom restrictions I love, love, LOVE rompers in the summer. But I love dress-like rompers even more. By dress-like I mean that it either looks like a dress but actually has shorts on the bottom or there are actually shorts underneath a skirt. The Floral Print Romper I picked up from Charlotte Russe isn't quite as dress like as this one but the bottom is very flowy and loose, making it feel like a mini dress when you are wearing it. This romper has a skirt on top of a pair of thin white shorts (which aren't meant to be seen).

Spring Look Book:Chiffon Shirt Dress

Drawstring Chiffon Shirt Dress

The thing I love about summer/ spring is the ease of picking out a dress and sandals in the morning and walking out the door. No need to fool with picking the right shirt & pants combo (so many things can go wrong in that scenario at 6 AM in the morning). This is probably why 90% of my summer wardrobe consists of dresses in various styles and colors. When I bought this dress I knew it would definitely be one of my go-to looks for work and weekend errands this season. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Spring Look book: NY&C Wrap Dress

The Wrap Dress 

I think it is common knowledge that the Wrap Dress is one of the most flattering dresses you can put on your body. No matter your shape or weight, a wrap dress can give you curves and amazing cleavage.

These dresses have been popular since the 60's & 70's with Diane Von Furstenberg's name being at the forefront of the wrap dress movement. She is actually still selling amazing wrap dresses which can often be seen worn on the Wendy William's show. 

I found this dress at New York & Company, and although it isn't a Furstenberg it is still gorgeous and most importantly affordable. 

Spring Lookbook: Floral Romper

Floral Print Chiffon  Romper

I'm so happy that rompers are still in style this year. Especially because there are so many more styles and colors available. Last year I got a few from Target and H&M, which I still like but the downside to these were that they weren't work appropriate. 

Generally if you buy a shorts romper they are short or tight and show a lot of skin. But I think this romper is a step in the right direction. The top is fitted but not too tight. I love the position of the waist line. It's placement above the hips & belly button is very slimming. I added a slim belt to compliment my waist but this isn't needed since the waist is already tailored to fit. I also love the loose, pleated shorts bottom. Even though the bottom is short, the flaring loose quality balances this out.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring and Summer Shopping Haul

If you haven't already, please check out my YouTube page. I just uploaded a shopping haul video featuring some of the things I picked up from Charming Charlie, New York & Company and Akira. The season is just getting started so there will be many more hauls but be sure to check this one out for sales, great deals and cute spring looks!

Check back soon for style blogs and videos featuring these items!

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Tales from the Roots: Natural Hair Rules

The best thing a girl can do is learn how to love and appreciate herself just the way she is. I think a big part of that is loving your natural hair, no matter what race or ethnicity you are, and being able to take care of it. From my own experiences and from those of my friends I have learned a lot about this natural world and I just want to share with you the basics.

The Basics 

There can be a lot of confusion if you are searching for answers on how to take care of your hair, especially if you are newly natural or trying to go natural. What is the LOC method? What is Co-washing? Am I a 4B or a 4C and what does that mean exactly? What is a Cocoon twist? Should I get Biotin or Hairfinity? and many more questions. Honestly, time is the only thing you will need because eventually you will learn how to navigate the natural lingo, techniques & products but I find that a lack of knowledge of the basics can hinder healthy hair growth and make your hair journey a lot harder than it needs to be.