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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Toddler on the go: What's in our Baby Bag

When it comes to diaper bags, backpacks are the way to go. We received one at our baby shower and have been using it exclusively up until the last few months. The older my child got, the more I realized that I no longer needed to leave the house with a bag packed with everything but the kitchen sink. I came to this realization slowly over time.
As my baby got heavier and more active, I no longer had the desire to carry her and a 20 lb baby bag. It took this realization for me to finally look inside the bag and really decide if I needed everything I was toting along. Now that we are mostly weaned I no longer needed to carry around my manual pump and empty bottles. Baby P rarely spits up anymore so carrying a burp cloth was unnecessary. Now that she eats a lot of solid food we rarely have blow outs anymore, so I really don't need to carry an extra outfit if we are only going to be out for a few hours. I ditched the changing pad as well.

Outside of the fact that the baby bag was huge and heavy, it also was not fashionable at all. Hubby and I agreed that we wanted a nice unisex bag that we would both be able to carry when baby P was first born. It is a great idea to have a bag like this for when your husband or boyfriend is out with the baby without you but I grew tired of it. When I carried the baby bag I often just tossed my wallet into it and went without a purse. Initially it was nice to not carry a purse and a bag but eventually I missed having a fashionable bag on my side. I started feeling less like a young mother and woman and more like an old bag lady. That just won't do!

Around her 1st birthday I started just throwing a few things in one of my big purses and leaving like that. This allowed me to start using all of my cute purses again and to ditch the mom bag. On these days I am not prepared for anything crazy to happen like I am with my bottomless baby bag but to be honest, we don't have too many of those days.

I recently purchased a very cute and small backpack from I plan to use this on the weekends and on vacation as a happy medium between cute purse and mommy bag. So here is how I pack my diaper bag for a day out with my toddler.

1. 3-4 diapers + Travel size wipes (32 count)
2. Feeding Bib
3. Food : Usually squeeze pouch, crackers and milk
4. Toy/ lovie
5. Hand Sanitizer

Bonus items!
These are things I only carry if I know for sure I will need them and if I have extra space

6. Spare outfit (shirt & socks)
7. Small blanket/ receiving cloth
8. Empty Sippy cup
9. Hat

In addition to these things I will throw in my wallet or needed cards, lipstick, phone, head phones and car keys. Just because you are a mom doesn't mean you have to carry a frumpy baby bag. Look around for something cute and it's okay to have more than one. Make it your own!

Watch me pack this bag in live action on my YouTube Page!

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