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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wig Weigh In: Perm Romance Vs Vera

Sensationnel Stocking Cap Quality Custom Lace Wig

"Perm Romance"
Color: 1B
Length:Very long, past bra strap length.
Texture: yaky, low luster
Cap fit: stocking cap quality, very comfy

-The cap is stretchy and very comfortable.
-You can easily change parting by rotating the wig. No ear tabs so it is comfortable any way you wear the wig
-The texture and sheen is very natural

-The parting is very tight. A decent a
mount of plucking is needed
-Ends tangle really bad. After wearing for 5 days the tangles were pretty serious. I had to snip some of the knotted ends.
-Curls are mostly in the front. The back is mostly loose waves.
-Curls fell after only a few days of wearing
-some shedding

First impression review video:

Model Model Synthetic Premium Seven Star lace Wig

Color: 1B
Length: Long, bra strap length in back.
Texture: smooth yaky, low luster
Cap fit:comfy, big head friendly

-Minimal tangling and shedding
-I love that it is shorter but not too short
-Parting space doesn't require a lot of tweezing. It looks very natural right out of the package
- Interesting color options available, like Pink and rose gold.

-The cap is smaller than Perm Romance (but ok for a big head)
-It eventually did tangle, but not to the level of Perm Romance

First impression review video:

So Which is the better wig?
Vera has to be the winner. I personally don't like really long hair, so Perm Romance was way too long. The parting, length and curls pushed Vera over the top for me. Although I wish Vera was a stocking cap quality wig, it is still a better looking wig than Perm Romance in my opinion.

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