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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

David's Bridal Gown Preservation Kit review

So far I am very pleased with the David's Bridal Gown Preservation kit. I purchased this right after my wedding in November. Luckily, I caught this kit on sale for $99 because it's regular price is $189.99! I must admit, this is high in my book but, I didn't look into alternative companies or bridal boutiques to preserve my gown so I don't know if this is a good price compared to other places on the market. I went with the David's Bridal kit because I could 1. get it on sale and 2. I didn't have to do too much work to get it done.

The kit includes a shopping box, a bag to place your dress in, tape, a shipping label, instructions and an order form for add-on services like preserving additional items and engraving the final dress box. Following the instructions to pack up the dress was easy enough. My major concern was that my big ball gown might not fit inside of the box but with some folding and stuffing it fit with a little room to spare. I did not send any other items besides the wedding gown and veil to be preserved, simply because each extra item would be an add-on charge (including the veil cost me $20 extra) and only the dress would be displayed; all other items would be folded underneath the dress and out of view.

After I filled out the shipping label and closed the box I had my husband drop it off at our local UPS store. The kit promises to return your gown 2-3 weeks after they receive it. I sent the dress on January 10th. On January 18th my card was charged the additional $20 for the veil. On January 20th I got an email notification that my gown was shipped and I received my preserved gown on January 23rd.

The dress is on display in a large box with a window cut out for viewing. The box is sealed in tight plastic, which is used to keep the dress from aging. The dress looks amazing and with the stuffing or padding done, it almost looks like I'm wearing it. A friend of mine described the box as a coffin for a wedding dress. The preservation is done by a company called Memories Gown Preservation. click here to see the informational video about how the gown is preserved.

I'm really glad that I did this. Now it is safe and if I want to pass it down to my daughter I can do so, knowing that it will be in the best shape possible. I definitely recommend opting for dress preservation! My experience with David's bridal's kit was great. The process was easy and the turn around time was very satisfactory.

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