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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Winter Protective Styling: Wigs & Weave!

Wedding hair styled by Nicolette Shegog
Originally I wanted to wear my natural hair for my my wedding last November, but I ended up getting a sew-in instead. Outside of my hair being beautiful and the style lasting all night, I was very happy to have my hair tied up in a protective style when Chicago got hit with a cold snap right after! 

Protective styling is not something I did with any consistency or intention outside of just wanting to change my hair for the hell of it. So, often times I did get caught out in the winter with my Afro or puff exposed to the harsh weather. On multiple occasion my hair actually froze in the wind! That, coupled with the fact that no hat or hood will fit over my fro at this point pushed me to the decision to protective style all winter.

Sensationnel 'Perm Romance" wig
I wore my wedding sew-in from the end of November until the first week in January. This is probably the longest I have ever kept my hair in a sew-in! Usually, I would take it out after 4 weeks but to be honest, I needed the break from doing my hair. Being a new mom is so time consuming! My hair is usually my last priority but with weave or a wig I can do the bare minimum and still look decent when I leave the house! Now that the sew-in is gone and I have been wearing wigs, my hair care routine has been a lot more organized and manageable.

I add coconut oil to my scalp and braided hair daily, I wear a wig cap daily and make sure to not have the wig rubbing against my hairline. I take the wig off as soon as I get home and put on my satin bonnet. After two weeks, I take my braids down, wash and moisturize my hair, then get it braided again. On the weekends, if I'm doing errands that don't require full glam I go without the wig all together and just wear a hat with my bonnet covering my hair underneath.

I'm hoping to grow and retail a few inches and keep my hair healthy during these winter months. I feel like my hair has been stagnant at shoulder length hair so I'm hoping that this will catapult me past my shoulders and down to my back!

Right now I'm wearing Sensationnel's 'Perm Romance' wig. I wanted to find a wig that was similar in style and length to my wedding hair and this is working out pretty well. Although it is at least 5 inches longer than my wedding sew-in, it isn't a big change. I'm always mindful of making drastic changes to my appearance, especially my hair, since I work in an office. It isn't 'against the rules', but I prefer not to attract too much attention to myself for a few reasons. 

Anyway, I did a review of this wig on my YouTube channel and I will be doing an update soon. I plan on doing quite a few reviews on synthetic wigs since this is how I plan to protective style for the remainder of the cold winter months. Make sure you check my channel for updates!

Click here to see Perm Romance in action

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