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Monday, June 2, 2014

Ways to Wear It: Seeing Green

 I've been completely obsessed with full, flowing vintage styled skirts this season so imagine my excitement over this little green darling. This skirt is from an online company called She Inside. I discovered this site while watching style haul videos on YouTube.

During my many trips to Youtube I noticed a trend. A lot of YouTube gurus were using She Inside to buy

Wendy's Look Book
unique and inexpensive clothing. I decided to give them a try when I spotted this skirt which was similar to a forest green flare skirt worn by Wendy of Wendy's Look Book. Her's was name brand and really expensive while this one was $22 with free shipping. So the choice was obvious!

About She Inside: 
I must warn you that this company is in China so don't order anything expecting it to arrive in anything less than 3 weeks. In my case it took three weeks for the package to reach Illinois only for me to realize that I entered the wrong zip code. All of my phone calls to the post office were futile and my package was shipped back to China.  Fortunately I had some luck with the She Inside customer service, in the form of a few back & forth emails. They sent me another skirt before the original reached them which cut down some of the time it would have taken me to receive it. All in all it took me about 5-6 weeks to get the skirt but I take the blame for half of that time. I am really skeptical about ordering things online, especially from stores that I have never physically been in so I would be very cautious about hat you order and how much you order. I only ordered this one skirt to test the waters and thankfully my experience wasn't too horrible but I probably won't be changing my shopping habits to include me online shopping at foreign venues simply because of the time it takes and the problems you may face with quality, sizing and shipping.

About This Skirt:
This skirt is actually comes in 'one size fits all' so you would have to have a small waist to fit this. It does say that it is one size on the website but there isn't much of a description on the fit. I worried that it may be too small but it fits me snugly. I can't gain another pound however, there is little to no stretch in this material.

The skirt's material is very shiny and light weight. There is no lining. It feels sort of like vinyl or a shower curtain (keep in mind that it was only $22 so I wasn't expecting a high quality skirt). Trendy pieces like these shouldn't suck up a huge portion of your wallet anyway, I might hate this skirt this time next year (although I doubt it!). 

The back is closed by matching green zipper and a clear button closure at the top. The skirt flares naturally due to the pleating, no fluffing needed. It was severely creased after I took it out of the packaging but I didn't dare iron it, I just let it hang up in my closet and eventually most of the wrinkles came out.

Anyway, here is how I styled this piece.. 

Look One

Here the skirt is paired with a white tank crop top I got from forever 21 for around $4 and my white sandals from Charlotte Russe.

This is a really bold yet balanced look. 
The plain white crop top balances out the boldness of the Neon skirt while simultaneously adding some sex appeal to an otherwise modest knee length skirt. 

I think the key to wearing a bold piece like this is to make sure it doesn't end up looking like a costume by adding too many accessories or contrasting colors. The skirt is bold enough so there really isn't a need to add more colors for it to POP!

I would definitely wear something like this out for drinks or on a fun day out with the girls. 

Look Two

Here the skirt is paired with a printed top from Forever 21 and black Cosmopolitan heels from JC Penney.

Look two is as little more understated. Here I pair the skirt with a tribal print black and white top. Again, complimenting the skirt with a neutral patterned shirt but not over shadowing it.

The shirt covers more skin than the white crop top but still packs a punch with the key hole design in the back and the interesting pattern.

I would wear this out on a dinner date or even for happy hour drinks.

Other Ideas....

Besides the two looks I've tried I have also considered color blocking, I have been doing a little research on
Pintrest to get ideas on which colors would compliment this skirt. I also want to pair it with my chambray top. I saw this look on Style Pantry and I can't wait to try it. Be sure to follow my blog on Instagram for future looks with this skirt. Thank you for reading! :)

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