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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chevron Dreamin'

The wait is finally over! I have completed my room renovation! This has literally taken me month due to sleeping in a leaky basement, insufficient funds and a busy schedule but somehow I managed to make my Pintrest dream room a reality!

 Now I don't have any good before pictures (I know, bad girl!) so let me paint a picture for you: 
Some time last year my boyfriend came over to visit me. I had recently moved back in from college and was in the process of putting back all of the stuff I had accumulated over the past four years. Things from my apartment mostly but some items I had had since my dorm days. I moved from my lovely little senior year apartment back to my baby blue room in the basement. Down graded from a full size bed draped in a white duvet & 9 pillows to a twin with only 2. Navy blue carpet on the floor, a 19 inch flat screen TV and a hand me down dresser that belonged to my older sister in the 90's. My boyfriend, who meant no shade, told me my room reminded him of a dorm room. In that moment I knew it was time for a change! 
    So on black Friday I sat outside of The Bedding Experts to buy a Serta Queen set for $194. Check. At that point I started to peruse Pintrest to put together a color pallet & decorating ideas. I wanted to go neutral so I would have the option to change up the accessories as I saw fit. I definitely learned my lesson after painting my walls that awful blue. I decided on grey walls, dark gray carpet & mint accents with a touch of pink here and there. The color of the paint I used is made by Dutch Boy and is elegantly named "Empire State".
    I spotted this lovely green-Mint comforter at Target for $89. But you know me, I waited until I caught it on clearance for $67. I also bought gray sheets from Ross, and kept my hand made pink throw pillows. 
But all of my progress was at a stand still when we got our first big storm of the spring season and I realized I had a problem. The crack behind my basement wall was not only letting in a ton of water but it was also allowing mold to grow and torment my allergies. This is what stopped my progress for months and forced me to relocate to a different part of the house completely. But eventually we formed a plan. Without a huge budget to get professionals I recruited my very handy brother, who is responsible for re-tiling our bathroom and installing a new vanity sink, to rip out the dry wall & insulation, patch the crack and put up a new piece of dry wall. He did an phenomenal job! It took him about a week to complete it on his own and now that the wall is back together we haven't had any leaks since. 
After this was done I began taping off the wall for my Chevron Pattern. If you are looking for something like this I would suggest looking on Pintrest or Youtube for a tutorial, there are a lot of ways to recreate this look. I measured out dots & taped them out before painting. Honestly, was a VERY tedious and difficult process. I did it on my own and it took me two days (with ample breaks). If you had a partner you could probably complete it with a lot less fuss. You really need to be in a good mood to do this. At times I got really impatient when my dots did not line up perfectly (I still have some crooked lines but at this point whatever!). But at the end of the day I love the results and I'm glad I stuck it out.

The chevron pattern is on one of the smaller walls in my room. Initially I wanted to put the pattern on the wall with my window but I quickly realized that would be a major job. I decided to put it on the smaller wall so that it would 1. be easier to complete, 2. it would be less likely that the pattern would over power the room & I would get sick of it and 3. The size of the wall and pattern were perfect to act as a headboard for my bed. At the beginning of my redecorating journey I thought that I needed a head board. I even had the notion to create a fabric headboard from scratch (I'm very ambitious, I might still take a crack at it) But I decided that a patterned wall might be a unique spin on it. To tie in the chevron wall with the rest of the room I bought that fabulous large chevron pillow from Target for $24 and I recreated a chevron painting/wall decoration I saw on Pintrest with supplies from Jo-Ann Fabrics.
   I kept my vanity, which I spray painted black a while back. I got black frames in varying sizes and designs from the dollar store and hung them with 3M poster stickers. I didn't want to put holes in my walls and luckily these cheap frames are light enough to stay on the wall and will come down easily when I am ready to change things around. I also upgraded my TV this past Black Friday and perched it on a nice black stand from Wal-Mart. I got the carpet from Menards for $66. It is actually indoor out door carpet. I didn't want to spend a lot on it since it is in the basement and there is always the possibility of flooding. Even though it is in-door out door it is very soft and I really love it! They cut it for us and all we had to do was unroll it. Quick, easy and inexpensive.
Over all I am greatly pleased with my room. I feel like it is very adult and representative of my style and talents. Moving forward I do want to find a patterned rug to lay in front of the TV and buy a vanity mirror with a light so I can better apply my make-up in the morning. I also want to buy a slender tower bookcase for the corner next to my vanity. My windowsill was a cute storage space for my books but as my collection grows it blocks out more and more of the light I so desperately need in my basement room.  

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