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Monday, October 21, 2013

DIY time: Vanity Chair

 One thing I remember about my childhood was watching my mom get ready in her vanity mirror. I always thought it was so glamorous and that it was essential to my inner growing Diva. A couple years ago she redecorated her room and her old, then gold, vanity became my new vanity. The gold paint was rusted and the seat cover on the chair was getting ragged so I knew painting was a must. Of course my first thought was to paint it pink but I ultimately chose to spray paint it black with Rusto-oleum ultra cover in a satin finish. Mostly because it matched the furniture in my room and I knew black would be more forgiving than hot pink.
I also gave the chair a paint job and recovered the seat with zebra print fabric from Jo~Ann Fabrics and a staple gun. Quick and dirty. But over the years I've had some guests (cough my brothers and boyfriend cough) rough housing the poor little vanity chair. After all it was never built for 200LB men to sit in... so I began the search for another chair. I was pleasantly surprised when my mom and I stumbled upon this at the Habitat for Humanity second hand store in Champaign, IL. It was gold (I guess gold furniture used to be a thing back in the day....) and most importantly only $20! I picked up that same Rust-oleum and this is my end result! I think I might attempt to recover or replace the seat pad, which is not secured to the chair but for now it works fine. I also did a few touch ups on my vanity. As with the original seat recover project, this was quick and dirty. I didn't remove the gloss from the original gold paint which coated both the chair and the vanity so the paint did scratch off in places. On the vanity it's not really noticeable but if you want to do something like this and don't want it 'Quick and Dirty' I would advise a more thorough approach.

 Here is the end result. The style of the vanity and chair are not the same, but I think they work well together. I love the fact that I now have a stable chair to sit in while applying my make up. I love this vanity simply because it holds a lot of memories but I may eventually get another.  I wish this one had built in lighting because the lighting in my room sucks but for now I make it work.

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