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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tales from the Roots: Natural Hair Journey update

 This is the first official length check I have done since I cut my hair in June. I have not cut or trimmed it since I decided to transition. Since August I have worn my hair in sew in weaves and bantu knots so my actual hair hasn't been worn straight in months.
I rarely put heat on it, besides the occasional blow dry but even then it's about once a month. This is mainly because I'm trying to avoid heat damage, breakage and because I like the versatility of wearing weaves and transition styles. I have heard that flat ironing your hair can ruin your natural curl pattern but I honestly don't know how true that is. I have natural friends who agree with this and some who don't. Either way I think it's always safe to flat iron as little as possible and always use heat protectant spray.

When I straighten my hair I don't really do anything special. I use my Organics Root Stimulator Olive Oil Aloe shampoo and deep conditioner, Cantu Shea butter leave in, and Silk Elements heat protectant with my Royale Flatirons. I'm hoping that the winter will be more kind to my straight hair so that I'm able to keep it straight for a while without having to use any heat. I will probably make this last until Sunday and then go back to my bantu knot style until it's time to wash.
 In the next few weeks I might cut it again. I'm considering reshaping my bob so that it can grow out evenly but I'm in no rush. I like that the longer hair in the front creates a heart shaped afro when I bantu knot my hair, I'm just not in love with this length while it is straight. But we will see what I decide to do....

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