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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Experiments in lip color...

Experiment with NYX Pink Lyric

While on Pintrest I saw a technique for DIY Matte lipstick and decided to try it on Pink Lyric, I'm not used to this bold color just yet so I wanted to see if I would like a more toned down version of it.

First I applied Pink Lyric to my moisturized lips. I used a similar pink eye shadow I found in my Coastal Scents 88 eye shadow palette and patted it on my lips using my finger. I used a different finger each time I applied the shadow to avoid getting the wet lipstick on my dry pink shadow. After adding the eye shadow you can see that the color is muted and it is sort of matte... I may add more eye shadow in the future to make it more matte but I do like this color better with the eye shadow. As you can see it is still a vibrant pink but with a matte finish.

Experiment with NYX Cocoa

This is a technique I saw a while ago on Youtube. I can't recall who it was, it might have been bronzegoddess01, but this is my first time trying it.  After my first application I thought the brown made my lips too dark and I wanted there to be a reddish or pinkish hue. SO I reapplied the lipstick but first I coated my lips with a red lip liner and blended the color in evenly. Adding Cocoa on top of the liner and rubbing my lips together to mix the color gave me just the right amount of red to make Cocoa look more Oxblood, which is a very popular color this fall. I like the results but in the future I may use a creamier liner for an easier, and more even application. 

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