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Monday, October 28, 2013

The obsession continues, more fall lip colors

Ever since I saw Rihanna in a deep purple lip in one of her Riri Hearts Mac fall promotion photos I have been on the search for one just like it. I fell in love with Berry Haute weeks ago but I was very far from what I wanted in a plum lipstick. But last week I stopped into CVS to try my luck and fell in love in the beauty isle. Here's what I found:

Milani's Violet Volt $5.49 #34

Wet N' Wild's Ring Around the Rosy #365S $1.79 on sale for $1.20

Black Radiance's Orchard? #5117 (Perfect Tone lip color) $2.19

I wore Milani's Violet Volt this weekend at the Illini Homecoming football game and I absolutely loved it. It is a violet with a bluish hue. The color stayed all day, I only reapplied after eating. It felt great on my lips. I did have some instances of peeling towards the end of the day but I would not call this lip stick drying. I always use lip balm before applying so that helps with dryness but we all know that in some cases that isn't enough. I really love the color and the shine to it. It was $5.49 at CVS which is really reasonable for the color and quality.

 Wet N' Wild was having a 40% off sale so I shopped what was left, their section was almost completely wiped out! I was able to find a brown that I liked. It's more like a nude. I was hoping it had more color than NYX's Cocoa that I showed off in my previous lipstick blog. Both of those colors are very similar but Ring Around the Rosy has an orange/ bronze hue to it. I think it might be a better nude for my skin because of this. This color is originally $1.79 and I got it for $1.20. I haven't worn it all day yet but I will soon. I figure that if it is really drying or just cheap $1.20 isn't a big loss.

Drum roll please....
 My absolute favorite and the winner of the "Who can look the most like Rihanna's lip stick" is Black Radiance's 5117. There is no name on the label but it is called "Orch" in my receipt, which I'm assuming is short for Orchard. Anyway, this is probably the most bold color that I have ever worn. I really like the fact that it looks exactly like the color from the tube on my lips. The best part is that I only paid $2.19 for it. I do want to buy a Mac Lip color, I don't have any at this point for a couple reasons.  They are about $15 a pop which is a long way away from $1.20, and also I really like to change lip colors. I buy them compulsively (just being honest) and I often end up showing favoritism to a few colors and neglecting others all together. Which ever color I get from Mac (which will probably be a red or Ruby Woo) will have to be something that I will love and wear very often for that price.
With CVS coupons and the sale I was able to knock $2.59 off my total purchase so I got 3 great lip colors for $8.28. Gotta love coupons!!

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