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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Easy DIY Wedding Invitations for under $50

My wedding is quickly approaching and it's time to send out the invites. I am happy to say that I now have very nice, expensive looking invites to send out but it took some hard work to get here. Now, there are many sites you can use to have customize-able invites printed and mailed to you at a variety of price ranges. If you are currently looking, make sure you try the following: Wedding paper Divas, Shutterfly, Fedex, Zazzle and Vista Print.

I looked at all of these and was happy at the wide array of designs offered by each site but I couldn't swing the prices. Our wedding is being done on a pretty tight budget. Meaning, we will be coming way under $10,000 for all in costs. This means that I have to DIY and be as resourceful as possible. But, just because I am doing this on a budget doesn't mean it has to look cheap!

All of the websites I mentioned above offer sales and good deals, but I still could not find a template that I liked and at the price I wanted to pay. Part of this is because I'm a little picky and already had this dream of having my invitations be very unique. More specifically, I wanted the nice laser cut invite holders. I did find a few of these on Etsy that met my visual criteria but not at the right price.
But then came my wedding BFF! I was lucky to find an invitation set that came in the right color, size and included everything I needed for under $50!

This Wishmade invitation kit came with 50 laser cut invitation enclosures, invitation cards, envelopes and seal stickers for $46.99. The pictures online looked good and the price was great. I only needed about 30-35 invites to be printed but with this deal I got 50 for less than $1 each. So if you are interested in printing your own invitations don't forget to look at Amazon! With Amazon Prime, I got these delivered to my house 2 days after I ordered. Stores like JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels and also have kits like these but they are subject to the availability of the store. They also aren't as cute as mine!

So after I received my invitation kit all I needed to do was design my actual invite and then print them. This allows you to be very creative with your design and gives you the freedom to include your own customization. I had a few things that I really wanted to be on my invites that weren't possible on the templates sites; I wanted to include details about my wedding website, along with specific instructions about RSVPs. Due to our budget, plus ones are not welcomed, so my invitations needed to clearly state this.

I used some of the wording I saw on sites like Shutter fly as a standing point for my invites, then I added my own spin. I designed my template on Microsoft Word, you can also use PowerPoint or Publisher, these will give you more flexibility with design. The only thing I needed to do was adjust the paper size to match the size of the invitations. 

After I finished my design and edited it a million and one times I was ready to print. Remember to 1. change the paper size in your printer settings and 2. do a test page. My invites are double sided so the test page was very important. After you print make sure your ink has time to dry before printing on the back or assembling your invites. The paper I chose has a semi-gloss or soft sheen to it so the ink needed time to dry in order to adhere to the paper. 

And now you're done!

It did take a little time to print & assemble, simply because I printed each invitees name on the invitation. This is totally optional. I also added printed address labels (free from shutter fly) to each one.
Here is my price breakdown. You just can't beat this!
Invitations $46.99 for 50
(Not including the cost of my printer ink or postage)
$0.93 per invitation

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