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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Favorite baby items for 0-6 months

Baby P has hit yet another milestone. I am proud to say that my child is 6 months! People always say the time flies but wow!  I can hardly believe that earlier this year I was pregnant, had a baby and now, she's almost a year old. Crazy! 
In the first 6 months of her being alive, we have used a great number of products but a few standout. Here is a list of my favorite baby items for 0-6 months.

1. Teething pacifier clip

Why I love it: I bought this just before Baby P hit 5 months. At this time she was sitting up more, with the new-found control of her head & neck, and also learning to use her hands to grab at things. The combination of both of these things lead to the pacifier ending up on the floor a lot more. So I decided to get a pacifier clip. I stumbled across this one on amazon and decided to try it. I love it because it keeps the pacifier from falling while also being a great teething toy. She loves chewing on the silicone beads. It's cute & keeps her entertained, especially if I forget to pack other toys while we're out. I loved it so much that I actually just gifted a set of these at my cousin's baby shower.

Where to buy: $13.99 Search the site for more colors and varieties.

2. Backpack diaper bag

Why I love it: When choosing bags for the baby registry hubby wanted us to get a gender neutral bag so that he could carry it. My main concern was it being useful but also understated enough to match whatever we were wearing. Our bag satisfies us both. My favorite features are the easy-to-carry shoulder and backpack straps. I can easily carry the bag and the baby at the same time. I usually wear it on my back and wear Baby P strapped on me with the Moby wrap so I can be completely hands-free while grocery shopping or just out and about.

Where to buy: This was a baby shower gift but they have these at all baby supply stores! JuJuBe has really cute (and expensive) backpack baby bags.

3. Backseat car mirror

Why I love it: When Baby P was very young, I would ride in the back seat with her so I could monitor ever breath while her dad drove. But eventually, we began to venture out into the world without her dad. Having the back seat mirror eased my nerves quite a bit. I can easily see my baby while driving, either by looking over my shoulder or the rear view mirror. If I need to I can reach into the back seat and use the mirror to guide the pacifier into her mouth at a stop light, or simply see if she is sleeping or not. 

Where to buy: Mine is actually a hand me down but you can purchase these everywhere for as low as $12.

4. Summer seat, infant play seat

Why I love it: There are many reasons why I love this baby toy. Mainly because it keeps baby P entertained and helps her sit up securely. I also love the fact that this toy can grow with her. the seat adjusts its size as she grows and the toys can be removed, allowing the seat to be used for feeding, watching tv or sitting during story time. 

Where: This was a baby shower gift but you can purchase at Target or Walmart. It has two color options.

5. Boba wrap

Why I love it: This item was on my list of great baby shower gifts for under $50 and here it is again. Obviously, I really love my wrap! It's so convenient for shopping, exercising and cleaning around the house. You can fold this up and toss it in the diaper bag when you are on the go. A lot of times I wrap it on myself before we leave and when we get to our destination I will take her out of the car seat and put her in the wrap to avoid carrying the heavy car seat around. This really makes going out with the baby easy because it allows me to be hands-free. 
Where: Target

6. Nightlight

Why I love it: The night light is really helpful during night feedings, bed-sharing, co-sleeping and overall bed time. It allows me to feed her and pretty much do anything I need but without turning on a bright light that would wake her up more than she needs to be. During my first few days home it was really nice to have some light in the room so I could easily check on her. And now that we aren't bed sharing as much it has really kept us from bumping into things when we go into the nursery in the middle of the night.
Where: Dollar Store

7. Boppy Pillow

Why I love it: The Boppy pillow has really come in handy in these first months. The pillow has a label that shows you multiple uses from 0-6 months. It helps with nursing, tummy time, propping & sitting. By 6 months we have used it for each of these. My favorite uses have been for breastfeeding during the first 2 months and sitting support at 5-6 months. We didn't use it as much for tummy time, so for about a month it went unused, but now that she is learning to sit up we use it a lot more. For the most part, she can sit unassisted but occasionally she does topple over. So, if I ever want to walk away for a second I will wrap the Boppy around her. This keeps her from fully falling over so she can correct her balance with it's help. In the event that she can't keep herself from falling, the Boppy keeps her from hitting her head.

Where: Target or other retailers

8. Rock n play

Why I love it: Instead of getting a bassinet we got a rock n play for baby P. It was more cost effective and it takes up less space. Baby P slept in this thing (when she wasn't sleeping in my arms) from birth until about 4 months. I was able to pull it right next to my side of the bed and rock her gently if she woke during the night. It's also great for napping around the house since it is light enough to carry around easily and folds up for flat storage

Where: This was a baby shower gift but you can find these anywhere

What are some of your favorite 0-6 month baby items?

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