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Monday, May 12, 2014

Tales from the Roots: A Mile Stone

                            Officially one year natural          

On May 4, 2013 I got my last relaxer. When I decided to go natural about 5 weeks later I was not prepared or too confidant that I would even stick to it. But here we are a whole year later and I not only stuck to it but I broke a lot of rules I initially set for myself. 

When I decided to go natural I wanted to do a long term Transition. In theory I did because I didn't Big Chop until January (Almost 9 months in) but I honestly didn't see myself doing a big chop at all.
When I had a perm I never thought I would rock an afro. I always thought it would never look good on me. I clung to my straight hair for dear life until I started to 1) hear stories about heat damage. One thing I didn't want to do was go through the trouble of transitioning only to find out that I need to transition again because of heat damage. 2) The more new growth I had the longer the process of straightening became and the shorter my styles last. Afro's are just easy! 

After doing the Big Chop at the end of January I did not use heat on my hair until just recently. So I really didn't have an idea of how long my hair was. I got my ends clipped and my hair straightened. With the humidity the style didn't really last but that's fine. I'm way too lazy to keep up with flat ironing and wrapping my hair at night but it was nice to see my afro blown out and curled.

I probably won't put heat on my hair again until October, there really is no point! But I am considering adding color. I'm just afraid it will change my hair texture. Either way I'm in no rush. My main concern is to grow a healthy head of hair.

May 2014

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