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Monday, February 10, 2014

Shape Up A Space

One of my on going projects has been to create more use-able space in our unfinished basement. My room is pretty small and it is even smaller with the recent addition of a queen sized bed and a bigger television. And my closet you ask? The tiny thing is packed to the rafters. Absolutely no room for all of my shoes and my constantly growing wardrobe so I was forced to get creative.

Our basement is pretty big and a mostly unused space because it is unfinished and a little leaky, but you have to work with what you've got until you can get better! I  didn't but anything new, I just reorganized and found better uses for the things I already have...

The rug, and purple three drawer storage bin are pieces that I previously used in my dorm room while I was in college. The purple storage dresser was actually in the attic, collecting dust until a couple days ago. Since my transition and big chop I have accumulated a lot of new products and my modest pink bucket from Walmart became obsolete. Now I have all of my butters, gels and hair smoothies in one drawer, rollers and flexi rods in the next and my heat tools and shampoos in another. My clips, combs and hair accessories are in a bucket on top. I really love that it has wheels so I can roll it into my room when I need to and the drawers are removable so I can take them out and carry them with me.

 The black and pink chest, which I used to house my jewelry and bras, is a custom piece. I revamped an old cabinet I bought for $15 at a thrift store. I was full of old perfume and Bath & Body works lotions I never use, so I went through and tossed the non-essentials and now I store my bras Victoria Secret style in the biggest drawer.

The wire rack that holds my shoes is from Target. I want to find something with more space but I have had this thing forever and for right now it works just fine. The pink & zebra print boxes, which I used for underwear storage, are from Hobby Lobby. I got them both for no more than $7 each. I usually fold my underwear and divide them between the boxes creative a practical and fashionable storage space. If I didn't use them for underwear they would probably be full of crap and that's no help to anyone!

 I got both of the metal jewelry hangers from Ross. I really love these things because they keep my long necklaces and costume jewelry from being tangled in a jewelry box. and they also look great. All of the picture frames are from the dollar store.

Right now Everything is in it's place and perfectly neat but I'd like to expand it a little because I need a place to store my purses, belts and scarves. Of course I looked to pintrest and found what seems to be the perfect solution. A Peg board!! Usually used to store hammers and garage tools, but this works too! If I can pull the peg board off, buy a full length mirror and better lighting I will have successfully created my own 'walk in' closet space. If you have any suggestions for cute and creative space saving methods let me know! Thanks for reading :-)

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