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Monday, February 17, 2014

Tales From the Roots: Current Hair Regiment

My current hair regiment is pretty simple to keep up with. Which is extremely important to a girl like me because I am lazy, I work long hours and I don't like having to comb my hair all the time. After my Big Chop it took me some time to find the right products to define my curls. Once I had that figured out I just needed to learn when to twist, when to wash and when to do nothing at all. So here I am, at the beginning of the fourth week post BC and I finally feel like I know what I'm doing.

I start my hair week on Sunday. Wake up, eat, do my usual routine of Sunday chores, which now includes washing my hair. I shampoo and deep condition my hair using anything I can get my hands on lately. I am running out of my trusty

Organix shampoo & conditioner so sometimes I use Burt's Bees, or Herbal Essences. So far I haven't had any problems. After deep conditioning for an hour or two I towel off my hair and add either Shea Butter leave in conditioner repair creame or the Au Natural coil moisturizing souflee. Next I use Shea Moisture's curl Enhancing smoothie with my Denman brush and I section off small to medium chunks of hair with my fingers and do two strand twists. I don't make parts with a comb because I don't want my hair too have super defined parts after it dries. I allow my hair to air dry all day and over night. Sometimes I sit under the dryer for about 15 minutes to reduce frizz but I really only do this when I feel like it.
Day 2

The next day I put either coconut oil or argan oil on my finger tips and untwist my hair. I try not to disturb the curl too much because I still want my fro to have texture and leaving some of the curls in tact helps the twist out last into the next day. At night I pop on my satin bonnet and go to bed. I don't do any dry twisting or re-applying of the smoothie. I tried that my first week in the game, thinking my hair would be a mess the next day. Well I shouldn't have touched it because the next morning it was a sticky, flaky mess!

After sleeping on my TWA (teeny Weeny Afro) it is pretty smashed down. All I do is rub a little leave in conditioning and argan oil through it and fluff with my fingers. I don't use water or steam because I need to make sure my hair is completely dry before I go out into the cold weather. This doesn't hinder my results however, in my opinion the second day of my twist out is the best! The curls are soft and defined and some of my natural coils break away and do their own thing.

At night on the second day and even in the morning I do the exact same thing. The only difference is that my TWA is less defined but that is fine with me. I know some people will pick out the remaining curls and wear an afro but I like the textured tuffs of hair so I leave it as is. But on the third night I co-wash my hair and retwist while it is wet. But if I don't have time (or I'm feeling extra lazy) I do a dry twist out, using the leave in conditioner, oil and a little water.
This will last me until the weekend which is my crazy-fro-hair-don't-care time and I just let my fro do what it wants until it is wash time again on Sunday afternoon.

My regiment probably will change, namely when the weather warms up and I can do wash-n-go's or when my hair gets a little longer. But for now this works for me. It is very low maintenance. I only comb it twice a week and I am adding moisture every day. The most I do on a daily basis is use gel to slick down my edges. I tried head bands but they give me massive head aches so a free flowing TWA is the way to go for me!
Hope you found this helpful or at lease enjoyable. Share, comment and Subscribe ;-)

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