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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Work Wear: black and sexy

I loved this outfit, mostly because of the shirt. I have already shown you these leggings, The front is faux leather and the back is made of black cotton. Even though these are leggings they are pretty thick, making them perfect for the cold Chicago weather. I got them from Target for $19.99. The shirt is really the key piece for this outfit. It is a modern twist on your average winter sweat shirt. The sleeves are made of black mesh along with a V shaped peek-a-boo hole under neath the collar. The shirt is cut to give a relaxed fit but at the same time flatter the shape of your hips. I got the shirt from JC Penney. It's made by Bisou Bisou, one of the really fashionable lines they have at JC Penney. For the past month or so they have been have 40 & 50% off sales for this particular line so I got this shirt on sale for $27.99 and another, which I will show you later, for $9.99. I paired it with a dark lip (Black Radiance 5117), black leather boots from bakers and my Afro, which was a two day old twist out. 

**Excuse my bathroom mirror pictures, I'm currently in the process of procuring the tools to create my own in-home studio for my blog ;-)**

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