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Friday, February 7, 2014

Natural Hair Journey Update: Introducing the Big C

The Master Plan was to transition for 12 months, wait until the warmer months so that I could wear Wash & Go's, even dye my hair to make the Big C even more drastic but sticking to that plan was more difficult than I thought it would be. After my second hair cut, at about 8.5 months natural, I really began to see the growth of my natural roots and I loved it but I didn't like how I had big volume at the roots and limp hair at the ends. I started to wear my hair straight almost 100% of the time which meant having to flat iron my hair more often. I wasn't too happy about this. My hair was cute but I was scared of heat damage and ruining my curl pattern. I decided to try a pre-poo to nourish my curls and the plan was to try a twist out but I never made it. I saw my curls and Afro texture and I couldn't help but cut it. I called my best friend and boyfriend, two of my biggest supporters and I was ready to start cutting. My mother was against it but I knew that it was something I needed to do in order to be happy with my hair.

Of course I went to YouTube before cutting and learned a few things.
1) Cut your hair with conditioner on it
2) Use hair scissors, not regular scissors.
3) Just Do It

So I sat in the bathroom mirror, turned Beyonce's "Grown Woman" on repeat and after 9 months of transitioning I started to cut the last few inches of permed hair I had left. . If I was more patient I would have had a professional do it or at lease have someone help me because I had a lot of stray hairs when I was done but I got the job done all by myself. I honestly couldn't be happier with my hair. I feel proud and beautiful. I don't have to worry about paying someone to do it or making an appointment. I do it all myself, I am completely in control of my own appearance and beauty. I felt powerful after I cut my hair and every time I walk into a room I feel like I'm wearing a crown. I wanted to cut my hair back in December but I was listening to the negative comments and thoughts of others but at the end of the day I know that it is just hair and most importantly it is MY hair and no one else's.

In the beginning of my journey I thought I would never be the type of natural girl to wear an Afro or Twists. I thought I would transition long term and wear my hair straight but over time I had a change of heart. I blame it on all the Natural YT gurus, natural hair Instagram and tumblr accounts and not to mention the O so helpful natural hair websites.

The next step in my journey is to learn my hair texture and which products are best to use on my curl pattern to promote moisture and growth. I can't wait to see how much new growth I have by this time next year.

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