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Thursday, January 19, 2017

DIY Wedding Backdrop

Ceremony set up with DIY backdrop
This wedding backdrop is another Pintrest inspired creation brought to life! Every wedding won't need something like this but I think it is a nice touch for those of us who are looking to really customize the space we are given to work with.

Our ceremony and reception took place in the same room at a banquet hall, which meant the ceremony was on the dance floor of the room, that was also set up for the following reception/ dinner. Although the venue was very nice, I wanted to make a better use of the space by bringing in my own backdrop. I wanted to create the feeling of two separate spaces, the ceremony space & party space, even though it was the same room. In my opinion, the back drop really pushed the look and feel of the ceremony to a higher level and it made our pictures look amazing!

Tips for creating your own DIY backdrop

Natural light
When creating a back drop you want to pay attention to the height. For pictures, you will want to make sure that the backdrop stands high enough over your head so that pictures taken from a distance won't be affected. Our backdrop was 10 feet long and 8 feet high. I used two metal back drop frames: one was borrowed, the other I previously purchased. Both came from Amazon. Luckily I had a photography backdrops before hand, this ended up saving me a lot of time and money. But, if you need something more affordable you can make these yourself using PVC pipe. There are a lot of tutorials for this on Pintrest and YouTube.

Next, you'll need to find curtains to accommodate that height. I purchased 110 Inch By 98 Inch sheer curtains from It was easy to find curtains this length in sheer white, but for more customized looks you may want to consider buying the fabric and making them yourself to save money. If money isn't a factor you can purchase curtains from pretty much anywhere or rent them online. 

lighting by Ground Sound
On the ends I used opaque white curtains instead of sheer because I wanted to use these to cover up any poles or hardware on the stand. I mentioned previously that I used two frames, let's call them frame A & B. Frame A was the primary frame, this stood out in front. It held the billowy sheet curtains and the opaque white curtains on each end. Frame B stood behind frame A. It held one large, white muslin sheet. Behind our backdrop sat the dinner tables, and I did not want you to be able to see that through the backdrop in the pictures or during the ceremony in general which is why I hung the sheet behind Frame A. If you are placing the sheer curtains in front of a plain wall, you don't have to worry about this.

During the Ceremony
The floral wedding arch was provided by the venue and was a last minute addition. Originally I didn't want to use this but I think the floral arch added a more 'matrimonial' feel to the back drop. The Candelabras came straight from home, and we chose to use fake LED candles from Dollar Tree to decorate them. Real candles were allowed in the venue but we chose to not risk having them in such close proximity to the curtains and wedding party.

Finally, we brought in professional lighting for the back drop. It looked perfectly fine without it but the lights added drama. If you can't afford professional lights consider using Christmas string lights instead. This is really popular with wedding/ photography back drops on Pintrest.

After the ceremony was done we were able to relocate the backdrop set up to the back of the reception room where we used it to take group pictures. This was a great use seeing that our winter wedding did not allow us to take pictures outside in a garden with family. It also helped improve the space and made it more photogenic. Now we have amazing photos to add to our album!

Supplies I used:

(3) pairs of Sheer Mesh curtains - Amazon $10.99 each

(1) pair of White Curtains - Amazon  $20

White Muslin backdrop - Amazon (a part of a photography kit)

(2) Photograph back drop stands - Amazon

(2) Candelabra's - previously owned

LED candles - Dollar Tree

Lights 3 Chauvet rgba freedom pars - Professional lights done by Ground Sound

Floral archway - supplied by the wedding venue

With a little creativity and planning you can have anything you dream of for your wedding or event and stay on budget! Putting this together too time and research but it was totally worth all of the money spent on drapes that I probably won't use again!

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