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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tangle Tamer Trials & Tribulations

After seeing Yolanda Renee defining her curls with the Hair Bean on YouTube I have been obsessed with finding it. Little did I know, but soon found out, there are a couple different brushes that are similar but made by different companies. The funny thing is that most of them have similar names. To my knowledge there is The Tangle Teezer, Tangle Tamer, the Hair Bean and another bursh that I saw in the dollar section at Target from another brand. I wasn't going to try it after hearing mixed reviews but when I saw it at Marshall's for only $4.99 I figured I didn't have much to lose. The brush promises tearless and easy de-tangling for all hair types. FYI I always give products that claim to work for "all hair types" the side eye, but I digress...
So I washed and deep conditioned my hair and decided to use the Tangle Tamer to de-tangle while the conditioner was still in my hair.

Pros of the Tangle Tamer:

- I started at the ends and worked my way up my hair like I do with any comb or brush I use & I didn't feel too much snagging in my hair as I combed the brush through, which I always good. Some ladies who have tried similar brushes have claimed that it breaks their hair, off which I'm not inclined to disbelieve. 

-The brush is really light which helped because heavier brushes (like the denman) don't make it easier for you to keep going after your arms hurt & you've been twisting your hair for 40 minutes.

-After working my way up I saw that the brush did a decent job at defining & clumping my curls.

-The Tangle Tamer was easy to clean. Because the bristles are so short  I was able to pull out the shed pieces of hair and completely rinse the conditioner residue from the brush.

Con's of the Tangle Tamer:

-This brush is way too small. It constantly slipped out of my hands and crashed to the floor. I know that some of these brushes come with handles or grooves that help them stay in your hand but holding on to the brush was difficult since my hair was wet and the brush is round and small.

-My hair bent the bristles!! It took a couple attempts for me to be able to comb through a section and part of this was because the bristles were bending under the stress if my tight coils. I guess it's good that the brush doesn't just rip through your hair but it didn't seem like it was helping too much either.

-I feel like the bending bristles, the small size of the brush and constant dropping made my whole twist out process last longer than normal or maybe it just irritated me more. I'm not sure.

All in all I think like the denman a lot better. I really don't see myself abandoning it for another styling tool anytime soon. The Tangle Tamer & other brushes may work better for those of us with looser curl patterns but the denman whips my coils into shape like no other!

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