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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ways to Wear It: Plaid Shirt

Plaid is surprisingly in this season. I say surprisingly because I never think of plaid when I think of chic, fashionable clothing. I think of lumber jacks and cabin retreats (which might actually be fun). But the plaid I've been seeing this season has definitely been pushed from outdoorsy to trendy. In this blog I decided to show three different ways to wear a plaid button up but don't limit yourself to just a shirt. You could rock this trend with a pair of plaid pumps, a plaid clutch, blazer or trousers. The key is to NOT wear them all at the same time!

Edgy Girl 

This is a completely different look for me, I'm usually extremely girly, so it was fun to play with a grunge look. The ripped jeans and combat boots really give this look it's edge. In my opinion the plaid shirt sort of acts like an accessory, especially when it's tied around my waist. I think this is a fun look for a day hanging out with friends, at a sports event or running errands.

Casual Dress with a new spin...

I saw this look on Pintrest and honestly I was surprised to see plaid worn like this. Whenever I see girls rocking these shirts it is usually with ripped jeans or leggings to create a relaxed, comfy look. This look is not that! I chose to wear navy heels to pull out the blue in the top and the metalic toe adds some bling but I also paired them with nude pumps to bring the focus back to the shirt. This is one of those outfits that you can wear from work to happy hour drinks or if your guy wants to take you out for Sunday dinner but you don't want to put on a whole new outfit. Just add heels, and a blazer to turn your Sunday plaid shirt and jeans into cute cocktail attire.

Old Faithful...

This may be a trait of my generation, so forgive me while I show my age, but I think leggings and a jean jacket are crucial to any closet. My Plaid shirt is not fitted so adding form fitting leggings still creates an attractive, feminine silhouette without showing too much. Another thing I like about this shirt is that it is loose but the cut is still flattering. It is not too long at the bottom so you can still see enough leg and hip to be flirty.

This would be a go to outfit for me. It's very easy, comfy and cute. You could also put a leather jacket over this or leather leggings to incorporate another trend for this fall into your outfit.

I hope you enjoyed my take on the plaid trend! I enjoyed playing dress up as usual. These three looks are very different and each one may not fit every person but I still think it's worth a shot to give plaid a chance this season. I got my plaid shirt from the juniors department in JC Penney for $18, which was down from its regular price of $30 and of course I used a coupon. If you are looking for one make sure you check JC, they have the best deals on Fridays and also download Retail Me Not for even more discount opportunities. 

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