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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tales from the Roots: The Pompadour

I was feeling a little bored with my twist outs so I decided to try a pompadour. I watched Youtube videos and got my mom to agree to help me. Here is my result. I started with hair that was slightly curly from an old twist out. I finger combed it and detangled with my wide tooth comb very carefully, then added gel to my edges. My mom french rolled the back of my hair using the tuck, twist and pin method with bobby pins. Since my ends are still relaxed I had to work a little harder to get volume in my pompadour. But with some teasing and proper pinning I got a result I was satisfied with. This really is such a regal hair style. I felt very Janelle Monae when I wore it and the best part is that this is a great protective style. I actually did it before I went to bed, tied my scarf around it and wore it the next day. My hair got wet in the rain so I had to take it down but had that not happened I would have been able to keep it up for a few days. Low manipulation is always great for a healthy head of hair! Hopefully I will be cutting my hair soon. My original plan was to do a big chop in December which would be the 8th month of my natural journey but instead I think I may do a partial chop instead. I'm not entirely sure how it will turn out but I'm excited to do it and to show it off! 

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