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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adventures in Couponing UPDATE!

Last time I wrote to you I promised I would give you an update when it got closer to Black Friday. Well guys and gals, the hour is almost upon us! I'm excited, can you tell? 
So I've already given you the low down on Retail Me Not and Cartwheel and I really hope you downloaded them and put them to good use!! When I wrote that blog I was also reviewing ShopKick, Shopular and The Coupons. One of these definitely stood out of the pack...
Shopular Black Friday Ads!

Shop Kick

I am utterly baffled as to how to use ShopKick. I might just be a little slow but it is confusing. In my opinion it isn't as user friendly and dummy proof as the other apps. I'm a little sad about this because I had a customer at Target mention it and said that she uses it (however she wasn't using it in that purchase) but I just can't figure it out. I think I'm like most people, if it doesn't come easy I will find something else that does. It's horrible I know but true.

The Coupons

To be honest, I have barely touched The Coupons app. I think this really just comes down to the general appearance of the app. It does a lot of the same things the other apps do but it's just not as visually appealing as the others so I lost interest almost immediately. It might be a great app but I think people will gravitate towards the better looking interface. I did like the fact that it tells you the cheapest gas prices around your house. That's great for those trying to save a little money on gas (so basically everyone) but I rarely drive so I never even opened the app for this feature.


My favorite, by far, out of these three apps in Shopular. This app is really similar to Retail Me Not in the way that it really just tells you about the deals that are already in stores. But I really love this app because it allows you to view each stores weekly ad. Last week I was able to check out Target and Walmart's Black Friday preview sales paper, which is fabulous because I wanted to get an idea of which stores I will be hitting up.

Between Retail Me Not, Cartwheel and Shopular you should be locked and loaded for Black Friday and any shopping trip in the future for that matter. I advise you to download these apps and consult them, along with the sales paper while you wait for the turkey to finish this Thanksgiving so you can get your plan of attack and your savings all ready for the shopping marathon of the year! Suit up!

I***SIDE NOTE! Do not forget about Holiday Price Match!! I know Target and Walmart are doing this for sure but check at the department stores you plan on hitting up. If you find a better deal on the same product in another store, you simply bring in the ad or pull it up on your mobile device and the store will match the price!!***

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