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Monday, November 18, 2013

Nifty nails

As girly as I am I usually neglect my finger nails. Outside of Impress press on nails I rarely polish my nails. 1) it never lasts long enough and 2) I'm usually too lazy to remove the chipped polish. But when I actually sit down and polish my nails I love to try new things. Today I tried the matte look. Everyone knows you can buy matte polish pretty much anywhere, one of my favorite matte colors is "Cold Leather" by Sinful Colors, but what about the polish you already have?

If you want to try out the matte look on the polish you already have you can use matte top coat. Orly makes a matte top coat that you can buy from any Sally's Beauty Supply for about $10. But for
those of us who want to try this for a more reasonable price check out N.Y.C's Matte Me Crazy mattifying top coat #274. I scooped up a bottle of this from Target a few months ago for about $1.79. I'm pretty sure they carry this brand at Walmart and drug stores too.
I decided to use my Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails "black heart" #880 underneath. Matte black nails are really popular this season, especially if you leave the tips glossy, sort of a dark yet chic twist on a French manicure. For my first time using this I didn't do anything that fancy. Maybe next time lol. Anyway, the top coat goes on smooth and glossy and dries matte. You really can't even tell that this isn't just regular black matte polish. I'm not sure how a more expensive brand would look but for a little over a dollar this works phenomenally! 
This matte top coat business is really great. It's easy, goes on smoother than matte polish and can be applied to any polish you own. I definitely recommend it :) 
My only hope is that this paint job lasts at least a week. This black polish will be a pain to take off!

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