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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gift ideas for the Holiday Season

For some of us gift giving can be really simple. A lot of people drop hints from November 1st until Christmas eve so it's not really a challenge figuring out what they want. But in the case of those who have everything, insist they don't want anything or you simply don't know what to get them, buying a gift could be a little nerve wrecking. I definitely don't have all the answers but in my search to find something for my boyfriend's mother I have come up with a few ideas.
 Hopefully one sticks out to you!

Gift Basket

Use old newspaper to
stuff your basket & prop
up your gifts for better
Gifting is all about the thought and effort put behind it so presentation is everything. Even if you give an inexpensive gift, how you present it can make a $5 gift look like a $20 gift! I really like the idea of putting together a gift basket. It looks a lot more upscale than putting everything in a paper bag and the basket can be used for other things later.
 You can find cellophane wrapping and shredded paper for filling at the dollar store and use pretty much anything instead of a basket if you don't have one or want to buy one.
Here are a couple Gift basket ideas I came up with:
Movie lover: Fill your basket with microwave popcorn, vintage movie theater popcorn bags you can buy from amazon, two of his or her favorite movies, large movie theater candy and an AMC gift card.
Natural hair girl: Fill your basket with matching shampoo and conditioner set from any of the popular natural hair lines featured at Target (Shea Moisture, Miss Jessie's, Mixed Chicks, etc.) a wide tooth comb, plastic caps, flexi rods, a satin cap and a leave in conditioner.
Girlie Girl: You could fill your basket or a mason jar (As seen on on my "Holiday Gift Ideas" board or Pintrest) with a manicure set, nice nail polish like Essie or OPI , cotton balls, Sally Hansen nail stickers or Impress Nails.
All of these gifts are really inexpensive but thoughtful and when placed in a well put together gift basket they will really impress whoever is getting them. 

Bath and Body:

Everybody loves to smell good so a nice, new bottle of perfume is always a great gift. A high end set of smell goods from Macy's is a gift that stands alone but if you can't afford that you can do a little extra to up the ante. I like to do this by adding a complimentary gift to that lotion and perfume, like a fuzzy pair of socks and house shoes, pajamas or a bath robe. When I think of perfume I automatically think of getting-ready-for-bed-time so naturally I chose all bed time/ shower themed gifts but you may think of something completely different. You really can't go wrong here.

Outer Wear Accessories: 

If most people are like me, you end up wearing the same few coats year after year. This can get really old and boring but you can spice up your cold weather apparel with some new outer wear accessories. What makes this a great gift is that you can really spend a little money on something really nice if you go to the right stores. Last year I got my favorite cheetah print scarf from Ross. It is actually Calvin Klein and I got it for $16.99 and last year on Black Friday I went to JC Penney's and scooped up two brightly colored pashmina's for only $5. 
Getting someone a matching pair of gloves and hat would be even better, especially if you can get something quirky like the sock monkey hat I got my brother from Kohls last year. If you're looking for name brand outer wear accessories make sure you look at Ross, Marshals and TJ Maxx. For more quirky hats and scarves look at stores in the mall like Forever 21 and Hot Topic or online.


Unless the person you are gifting doesn't drink there is almost no way they won't like a bottle of something for Xmas! That's why this is a great last minute/ safe gift. It's my impression that most people aren't too picky when it comes to a drink, as long as you don't get them bottom of the shelf, cheap liquor. A bottle of Moscato or champagne is always nice. Personally, I would gift someone Margarita mix (with the tequila already added), along with limes, a margarita glass and salt for the rim.

I will continue to search for more ideas until I find the perfect thing or things to get the folks on my holiday shopping list. If you want to check out more of the ideas I find you can find my Holiday gift ideas pintrest board at

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