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Friday, November 22, 2013

Tales from the Roots: Bad Hair Day Solution

Head Scarf Pompadour 

I was too lazy to retwist my hair so after wearing my bantu knot out for two days my curls were done. The only option I had, other than straightening my hear was to cover it so I decided to wear a head wrap today. I got this scarf from TJ Maxx for around $16. It's thin and extremely large which makes it perfect for this because my scalp underneath doesn't get too hot. This isn't a head scarf by the way, just a regular scarf that you would tie around your neck in the fall or winter.
Here's how I achieved this look....

To prep for this style I picked out my hair then added leave in conditioner and olive oil. I brushed my hair up and pinned it like I was making a pompadour but you really don't have to be neat since it will be covered up.

Next I draped the scarf over my head, tight at my neck & the left over fabric hanging down in front of my face. I folded the extra back over my head, leaving the pompadour exposed but covering everything else. Here comes the tricky part: so each strand must be twisted then crossed right behind the pompadour.

After doing this the side underneath the cross should be secure, making it possible to twist the other strand tightly to form a rope and wrap it around your head. When you run out of fabric simply tuck it under the part of the rope that is already twisted around your head. Repeat on the other side in the opposite direction. This should make it feel tight and secure on your head.

End product!
 To make this look even cuter I wore my favorite lip stick of the moment, 5117 "Orchard" by Black Radiance and added gold hoop earrings. This probably isn't a new way to wrap a head scarf but I sort of discovered it when the style I originally wanted to wear didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. There are so many ways to tie these scarves and it can really give you an edgy, bohemian look depending on how you wrap it and the pattern on your scarf. I learned most of the methods of tying these wraps by watching videos on Youtube or just playing around with them and seeing what works for me.

Next up I will be blogging about my look of the day which includes this cute head wrap... keep reading :)

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