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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ways to Wear It: Leather & Knits Part 1

 Leather Shorts

    I really love wearing leather and as you know it is very popular right now. I found myself having
collected quite a few leather pieces so I decided to create different looks for each. In part one I will show you two looks I created with leather shorts. Hopefully this will give you ideas on how to style the items you already have or persuade you to go out and get some. In my opinion it won't be money wasted.

      The best thing is that with all of the popularity of leather over the past years it has become really easy to find cute and cheap faux leather clothing at the stores you already shop at. You know I am always about the look for less so I will be showing you how to style the leather pieces that I got, each one was under $25!

     When it comes to styling I think leather can be worn just as easily as jeans but it can offer a little oomph when you need it to. Leather can be sexy, classy, edgy or really anything you want it to be. I've worn the same faux leather pieces to the club and to work, its all about how you pair it with your other clothes & accessories.

Look One

     I really love the playfulness of this look. I think that comes from the shorts & thigh high socks combination. It's also a way to be sexy and give the illusion of showing some skin but in actuality the only thing showing is a sliver of thigh meat! This outfit will also keep you a lot warmer in the winter months while waiting to get into a club than wearing a skimpy dress and heels.

     But don't think the club is the only place to wear an outfit like this. I could see myself wearing this out on date night to a bar or restaurant. A get together with friends or even a concert would also be great places to wear something like this.

     My shorts are very fitted so I wore them with a loose top that is tucked in. Since I'm showing skin on my legs I decided to wear a blazer to cover up more skin on the top half of my body. All of this was done to create some balance in the outfit. It's my personal preference to dress this way but depending on the occasion and your personal taste showing more or less skin may be appropriate. You could always wear this with tights to cover up or lose the socks and boots and wear it with pumps to show more leg.

Outfit details 
Blazer: JC Penney
Top: Forever 21 clearance $9
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Charlotte Russe $20 (Happy hour event)
Thigh High Socks: Target
Jewelry: Forever 21

Look Two

    Look two incorporates some characteristics from look one but with a different feel.

     The same shorts are worn but this time I present the pop of color in my jacket instead of my shirt.
This is a more stylish blazer. It is fitted and designed to stay open. The electric color and zipper details also add to the overall drama of this piece.
    Instead of thigh high socks I wore regular opaque black tights and cheetah pumps because who can resist pairing red and cheetah together??
    This outfit is a little more conservative than the first but just as sexy and fashionable. This would be really cute to wear to a New Year Eve party or even on Valentines day if you didn't want to wear a dress.

Outfit details 
Blazer: H&M $39
Top: Forever 21 $10
Shorts: Forever 21
Tights: Target
Shoes: Target
Jewelry: Forever 21

     Definitely check out Pintrest for more ideas on how to wear leather shorts. There are so many different styles and fits of shorts that you can really use them to create any look you want. Forever 21 and H&M always have a nice selection of leather shorts or other leather pieces. You could also try Target, Charlotte Russe or even JC Penney. You could even look in Akira, although the prices will be more.

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