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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tales From the Roots: Twist Out Take Down

     I've had a lot of request about my hair regiment so I decided to make a video showing you exactly how I take my twists down and style my Fro. This hair was about 3-4 days dirty. I usually get my best results during this time. My hair is at its most defined state when I twist on wet, freshly washed hair, however it is also at it's most shrunken state at this time. Even if I try to pick my roots or if I bobby pin the twists to stretch them over night my hair won't stretch on the first day, it always takes a day or two to achieve that big beautiful fro.

    On wash day I detangled and used my Cantu Shea Butter leave in as usual. Since I hadn't changed up my routine of eco styler and leave in to define my hair in a while I decided to use Shea Moisture's curl enhancing smoothie, grape seed oil and only a little eco styler gel on my ends this time. This gave me a really soft puffy fro with great curl definition. This lasted 2 days with me doing chunky twists at night but for Christmas I wanted my fro to be on point so I decided to go back in with my spray bottle and leave in conditioner and retwist to get some of that initial curl definition back.

     I did not use the Shea Moisture in my retwist because, for me, this product builds up on my hair and flakes really badly if I use it more than once between washing. My Cantu leave in never does this so I used that and water instead. I used eco styler on my ends again to make sure they were defined and of course I used my denman brush.

Watch the below video to see how I untwist and style to get my final result!

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