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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tales From The Roots: Big Chop Anniversary

     Last Year on the last week of January I stood in the bathroom mirror with scissors in my hands. At that point I had grown my natural roots out for 8 months and I felt in that moment that I had had enough! I had supporters and those who were against it but in that moment I just went with my heart. I cut.

     A year later I look back at those pictures and I am amazed at the guts I had to sit there and chop off all of my permed ends!

     I laugh when I think about how I walked around for a least two months with an uneven Afro, full of random straight ends. I cringe when I think about how short is was but in that moment I thought I was CUTE and I was lol

      Because I was confidant. More confidant than I have ever been. Having my hair that short was a first for me and for the first time in my life I was forced to stop hiding behind my hair and to embrace my texture completely.

     That is one thing that this past year has taught me. As my hair grew I learned so much more about myself, my self esteem, my hair, and the world around me. Even though I probably should have gone to the beautician to get my big chop I don't regret it. Not even for a second.

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