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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Charming Charlie Haul: Semi Annual Deals

     Charming Charlie is my new favorite store to buy purses and jewelry so of course I had to check out their semi annual sale. I went in hoping to score a cute purse or two but I ended up finding so much more. $80 later I have 2 new pairs of boots and 2 new bags!

The Ava Boot

     My boot collection is looking very pitiful right now so I was extremely excited when I saw these. Ava is a black riding boot with gold hardware. The best part is the gold chain that wraps around the heel. This will look amazing with the black Lady Lockbox satchel that I previously bought from Charming Charlie which also has a gold chain detail. I loved that bag so much I got it in two colors!
     The boot is pretty comfortable. No complaints there. But this is definitely something you should wear in the fall or on a mild winter day. There isn't much insulation to keep you warm during these -20 wind chill days here in Chicago.

     Even though the boot is really cute the best part was the price. Ava usually costs $39 but I only paid $14.99!

Nyssa Satchel

     When I shop for purses or bags, which I now do almost exclusively at Charming Charlie, I always
look for interesting colors that will compliment my wardrobe. I think this forest green bag is the perfect color to compliment any winter or fall look. It has handles to carry in the crook of your arm but there is also a detachable cross-body strap. All of the purses I have gotten from Charming Charlie have come with this so far and it's a blessing for a girl who commutes to work.

     The inside is lined with the signature CC (Charming Charlie) black and white striped linen lining. It has two pockets for your cell phone or other devices and a zipper pocket for money and other things. This is also the standard set up for bags this size. The Nyssa Convertible Satchel in green is regularly priced at $39 but I got her for $24.99

The Sandra Boot

     Sandra is the brown boot I have always wanted. She is a very down to earth, muted brown with a strap detail around the ankle. It's not as flashy as the Ava boot but it does come up a little higher on your leg which is always a plus. My zipper is a little tight, sometimes it is hard to close the shoe but I'll make it work. Just like Ava, Sandra is usually $39 but I got her for $14.99.

     In my honest opinion the quality of these shoes are a little higher than Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 shoes so for me $39 is a little high. $14.99 was perfect the perfect price. I wouldn't have paid more than $20 for them. Just being honest!

      I know that I will need to be careful about when I wear them. Definitely no salt or snow will touch these for a while. I have never bought boots or any shoes from Charming Charlie so I'm no expert but I expect them to last me a year or two if I take care of them but probably no longer than that.

Tribeca Cutie 

   Tribeca Cutie Mini Satchel in Ocean Blue is regularly priced at $29 but I paid $19.99.
 My last find is a cute mini satchel that comes with a detachable cross-body strap as well. The
I just love the color of this bag. It is so bright and really appropriate for any season. Even though it is small it's big enough to fit all of the important stuff and not be over stuffed. I like to wear bags like this on the weekend when I don't need as much or when I am shopping. Basically any time that I'm trying to be carefree and light.

     The semi annual sale is coming to an end so I suggest you go into the store if you have one near you. Online is pretty wiped out. I added links to everything I found so you could go back later if you'd like to purchase but many of the colors and sizes are already gone. The great thing is that many of their items are reasonably priced so buying them when they aren't on sale won't break the bank.

Click here to see my previous Charming Charlie Haul. The bags that I previously bought are still in great shape despite the fact that they aren't super expensive or of a high end quality. This is the main reason I keep on coming back!

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