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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Shape Up A Space Reloaded

     Time to revisit an ongoing project of mine. Last February I began what I call my "Outside Walk-in Closet". 
     My room, which is a build addition in our basement, has a very small closet. That does no good for someone like me. I am constantly adding things to my wardrobe and I love being able to see all of my pieces at once. This helps me get creative when mixing and matching outfits & accessories.


  During the past year I have made a lot of improvements to this space. Click here to see the first blog about this space & more before pictures.  My accessories and shoes were the main thing on display in my walk in closet, which was really just a corner last year, but now my growing clothes and shoe collection are on a beautiful display.
May 2014
     I purchased a clothing organizer from Target for around $50 last May. I believe it is actually on sale now for a little bit cheaper. Here I can hang up all of my sweaters, stops, jackets and anything else that won't be folded up and put in drawers. I also purchased black plastic crates that hold cold weather accessories, jeans and small purses.

     I got a new shoe rack from Bed Bath & Beyond that holds all of my heels, flats and sandals, leaving the larger wire organizer for my boots, booties and gym shoes.

      My latest, and I must say my most dazzling, addition has been my peg board organizer. I saw this on Pintrest some time last year. It is actually mentioned in my previous Shape Up A Space blog but I am just now bringing that Pintrest dream to life!

     I am absolutely IN LOVE with this. This comes in handy when I am getting ready in the morning, it helps me be more organized and it further pushes the space from basement to chic. 

Before & After
      I usually use my jewelry tree organizers to hold all of my necklaces and bracelets but they were quickly running out of room so I needed more storage for these things. I was also running out of space for purses. For a while this portion of my accessories was lacking but recently I've bought a few more bags what were way to cute to be stored in a crate.

Now these purses hang up (empty of course) surrounded by my jewelry and scarves. The best thing about this organizer is that instead of buying more jewelry holders or organizers as my collection grows all i will need to do is buy more hooks!

The Process 

     This whole project was really quick & cheap. I spend about $9 on the pegboard, I used left over paint samples from my previous room redecorating project and I spent about $10 on pegboard hooks of various shapes and sizes. Not including the paint rollers and brushed I bought, this project only costed me around $20-$25 bucks! I painted the wall and board myself prior to hanging it. I got help from my father to hang it but there are tons of tutorials online to help you hang it yourself.

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