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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tales From the Roots: Head Wrap Review & Tutorial

The Wrap Life 

     I just ordered my first head wrap from The Wrap Life! I was planning on doing this a long time ago but finally got around to it and I'm so happy that I did! I found The Wrap Life page on Instagram a long time ago and ever since I have been in love. They always repost pictures of instagrammers wearing their wraps and short wrap tutorials.

Target Scarf
      I fell in love with The Wrap Life but I've always loved head wraps. They are perfect for bad hair days, protective styling or for those days that you want to change things up. I usually use regular fashion scarves but I have wanted to find a thicker, more ankara like fabric to tie my wraps. The wraps from The Wrap Life just that. Each one is made from a thicker, hand printed / hand made fabric and call of them come in very interesting, highly pigmented patterns.
Charlotte Russe

      They are sold individually but you can also buy them bundled in parcels. The thing that I really love is the fact that they have tutorial videos on their site and the Instagram account and pictures of beautiful women wearing their wraps.

     The wrap I bought is named 'Tigris'. This pattern reminds me of a tiger's stripes which, I'm guessing, is where it got it's name. I love the color scheme. Even though it is a bold pattern it seems like a pattern that can be worn with anything, like a cheetah or zebra print.

   In the below video I show you how this wrap looked right out of the packaging and how I wrapped it. I also talk about how I prepped my hair for this style and a few tips I have.

      The main thing to remember with wraps and watching wrap tutorials is that there is no wrong. Or at least that is my opinion. Each time I tie my wrap it looks different. I like to get creative and try different methods each time. Sometimes they may not work but a lot of times spontaneity births the best wraps!

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1 comment:

  1. This is great! Love the Tigris' wrap. I don't know how flattering they would be on women like myself with natural shorter hair. However, this blog definitely makes me want to experiment! :)