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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tales From The Roots: Cantu Shea Butter Product Review

      Since I have been a well behaved natural and resisted buying new products for many many months I allowed myself to try out a new product line in the new year. I'd already used (And loved) Cantu Shea Butter's leave-in conditioner repair cream so I decided to go out and pick up the rest of their line. I went to Target and got the shampoo, conditioner and curling cream.

     Usually I don't buy any of the natural brands that I often see advertised on Youtube and Instagram. Namely because of the cost. Big natural brands like Shea Moisture or Carol's Daughter can be expensive and usually skimp on the amount of product you get for the cost. 13 fl oz of Shea Moisture shampoo will run you $9.99 while you could get a whole house full of Herbal Essences for $2,

       I've used Herbal Essences Hello Hydration on my hair for the past year and absolutely love the stuff and the price so I was happy to see that the Cantu shampoo and conditioner only costed about $1.50 more than what I am used to with just as much product. I can deal with that.

      So I was able to get three things for under $15 and use what I already had.
The first thing I thought was that the smell was amazing and the product is well made. The shampoo left my hair squeaky clean and the conditioner was nice and thick. I feel like the Hello Hydration
conditioner made it easier to detangle but this may be due to the amount of it that I use. The only other product that I used that was not made by cantu was a little but of organic coconut oil (also from Target) but I figured this would only compliment the coconut curling cream.

     I attempted a bantu knot out (the first since cutting off my permed ends) and it was a fail. After 18 hours all of my hair had not dried and it was incredibly shrunken. But this had nothing to do with the cantu system. Even though the style was dreadful my actual hair was very soft and shiny, which is something I don' think I've ever had. For some reason my healthy hair would never keep a shine. No matter how much coconut or argan oil I used.

      Instead of trying the bantu knots again I immediately did a chunky braid out and tied my hair up. I only used water on the ends and a small amount of eco styler gel in each twist. The next morning I unraveled my hair to find it still very shiny, stretched and curly. LOVE at first sight. My hair was so manageable that I almost didn't know what to do with it. My hair never looks like this on the second day after washing it.

     After using all of the products together for about a month I still love it. I can retwist my hair multiple times without product buildup, which is something I could never do with Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie. I also use the coconut curling cream on my hair when i put it into a puff. It makes my hair very soft and shiny. The only problem is that it does not set the hair so curls only last two days at most without retwisting. This is why I use a little eco styler while twisting.

I've always recommended Cantu Leave In Conditioner repair cream to new naturals but I would recommend the entire line. It's affordable, it smells amazing and it makes your hair soft, shiny and easy to manage.

My Twist out product info:

Cantu Moisture Cream Shampoo $3.49

Cantu Rinse Out conditioner $3.49

Cantu Coconut curling cream $5.99

Cantu Leave in conditioner repair cream

Organic coconut oil

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