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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wig Review: Model Model 'Joy'

Meet my new wig, Joy! If this wig looks familiar to you it's because it is a dupe of the Freetress 'Heaven' wig I bought a month or so ago in the color 99J. I purposely bought this similar wig because I was ready to retire my 'Shelly' wig and rock a straight wig to work for a while. I fully intended on purchasing 'Heaven' again, this time in the color 1B, but it is sold out. Every site I checked only had this wig in it's blonde or red variations. Elevate Styles, Diva Wigs, Sista Wigs, Wig Types and all the other sites I searched were out of stock for the colors 1, 1B and 2. 

I was about to give up until I remembered a video I saw by fellow YouTuber theHeartsCake90. She purchased the Model-Model 'Joy' wig in the color 99J after finding that she couldn't find  'Heaven' in this color anywhere. I'm so happy that I watched that video. Because of it I was able to get the same look I wanted, in the color I wanted without waiting until the wig I initially wanted was back in stock! 

Like 'Heaven', 'Joy' is a deep invisible L part lace wig that measures about 12-14 inches. The hair cut for both wigs is pretty much identicale which is really nice. The wig has great layers, a small bang in the front and it is just long enough for me without being in the way. In my opinion, the synthetic hair on the 'Joy' wig is much softer than the hair that was on 'Heaven'. Both have the look and feel of permed African American hair but 'Heaven' is more yaki. Joy is also thinner than the Heaven wig. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however. After wearing Heave for a few weeks, the hair started to tangle and because it has so much hair the tangles were worse. 

I love both wigs, but honestly Joy may be the better of the two simply because I can't keep my hands out of the wig. I really love the texture. I believe Joy comes in the same colors as Heaven so it is available in 99J if you can find it in stock.

Overall I love this wig. I've been wearing it to work for about 3 weeks

and it has been very easy to throw on and go. I'm very comfortable wearing this in the office as it is a very low-key and realistic looking wig. If you work in a corporate setting or want to protective style without going too outside of the box you should try Joy out. I ordered her from The shipping was slightly more expensive than but I received my package in 2 days. No complaints here.

Watch the video below to see this wig in action. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel :)

Check out this wig's twin 'Heaven" 

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