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Monday, September 7, 2015

Look Who's Expecting.

Our Announcement

My boyfriend and I are excited to announce that we are expecting our first child together! I am extremely excited to embark on this journey with him and I am eager to document it here on this blog. 
We told very close family members first, mostly in person or over the phone around week 7 of my pregnancy. 

The big reveal came during week 9 in a post on Facebook. I could have just made a status stating that I was pregnant but why do that when you have access to Pintrest? My favorite photo-pregnancy announcement shows the father passed out on the floor holding a positive pregnancy test. For some reason, I felt this was hilarious and really captured my boyfriend and my sense of humor. We recreated this picture and posted it for our friends and family to see. If you are thinking of doing something like this you can always search unique or cool pregnancy announcements online or on Pintrest and you will find ample examples. 

We have been met with mostly warm responses to our news but most importantly we are both ecstatic about our new addition. 

The First Trimester so Far...

When this blog is posted, I will be in my 10th week which means I will only have about 3 weeks left in my 1st trimester. Week 14 is both my 4-month mark and the start of my second trimester. I'm really looking forward to my second trimester. I'm hoping to really start showing, get my energy back and find out the gender of my baby! But until then let me tell you how the past few weeks have been. 

Week 6

Week six was wonderful. Outside of very brief moments of nausea I barely knew anything different was going on in my body. I'm very grateful for this because I was on vacation during this time and having morning sickness would have really put a damper on the parade. 


Week seven proved to be more difficult than six. This week really started my morning sickness and overall pregnancy symptoms. Fatigue as probably the worst thing this week. I would sleep from 7 pm until 7 am and not wake up once. This is the main reason I went most of August without posting a single blog. This week I also felt a lot of nausea, food aversion and excessive saliva. Even though I was tired and it was difficult I was able to push through and made it to work every day. 

This week was also my first doctors appointment. Nothing too exciting happened this day. The nurse gave me a lot of information about what I should and should not do and eat while I am pregnant. She also ordered my first ultrasound and booked a follow-up appointment. 

Week 8

9 weeks belly shot
Week eight was the worst of my first trimester so far. This week I
had so many symptoms, each and every day. It was the only week that I needed to miss a half day at work. Along with the extreme fatigue from week 7, I also dealt with terrible food aversion. It was hard to even eat a simple meal. I could only eat small portions at certain parts of the day, otherwise food was gross to me. The excessive saliva and dysgeusia was also very annoying. Tender, swollen breasts, consistent nausea, some dizziness and of course bloating. 

Week 9

At the start of week 9 I had my first ultrasound. Outside of finding out that I was pregnant this was the most exciting part of the first trimester. We didn't hear the heartbeat, but we were able to see it on the ultrasound monitor. On the second day of the 9th week, my symptoms went down to a minimum which was a great relief to me. It was much easier to get up in the mornings and eat. I am hopeful that the coming weeks will be like this or better. Really 2 weeks was enough. 

I didn't have terrible sickness, I did not throw up once! But it still was no fun!

Where to find updates 

I plan on documenting my entire pregnancy, so if you want to go on this journey with me be sure to subscribe to my blog and find me on social media. I have a Pintrest board dedicated to my baby shower & everything pregnancy, I will upload weekly- biweekly pregnancy vlogs on my YouTube channel. Pictures and other updates can be found on my Facebook and Instagram page.

So Get Excited!! 

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