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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wig Transformation: Outre First Lady

I went to New Orleans last week and while I was there I wore wigs and head wraps to protect my hair and to cut down on the time spent getting ready. The last thing I wanted to do on vacation was worry about retwisting my hair at night or stressing about whether or not my Fro would live up to my expectation for those 4 days. 

The wigs & head wraps proved to be a hit! Even in the 97-degree weather I was able to stay cute and cool (We mostly stayed in during the peak heat of the day). While I was there I wore my Beshe 'Drew' wig, my Tigris head wrap from The
Wrap Life and my Outre 'First Lady' wig. Check out my Instagram for pictures of all three. But before I left I made some major changes to that 'First Lady' wig. 

Originally I planned to wear Drew all week but I decided that I should change up my hair with my outfits while there! Since Drew is big and curly I chose to go with something completely different for my second wig. I knew I wanted it to be shorter, long hair & heat don't mix, and I wanted it to be curly, but I didn't know what wig to get. I was going for the Gabriel Union or Tiraji P. Henson look! So before I left I did look for a new wig at the beauty supply store but with no luck I decided to work with what I had. 

I didn't feel too bad about cutting up First Lady since I wasn't head over heals about her in its original state. Ultimately I'm really glad that I went through with the cut. I learned how to do this from watching various YouTube videos and honestly, just jumping right in. I would suggest that you try this on a cheap or old wig just in case you mess it up or don't like it. But after you add a few curls I don't think you can really go wrong with this.... 

Check out my video and let me know what you think!

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