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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tales from the Roots: First Lady Wig Review

Here is the Outre 'First Lady' wig. I picked her up from my local beauty supply store for $39.99. Not a bad price but you can definitely find this wig online for under $30. After buying this wig on an impulse smh) and seeing the online price I have vowed to always shop online or at least shop around for a better deal! You live and you learn. 

When trying it on in the store and even in my first video I was fond of the wig but since then I've worn it out a few times and my opinion has changed somewhat. Although it is a nice wig in my personal opinion it's not worth more than $20, maybe $24.

Initially I liked the wig but after wearing it for a few days I fell out of love with it somewhat. The
meager parting space is a big problem, probably the main problem. It makes First Lady look very wiggy and doesn't allow you to change up the look of the wig. The texture of the hair is good. It is very similar to permed African American hair. It helps a lot that you can curl the synthetic fiber (up to 400 degrees) because it is mostly plain & straight right out of the package. If you have the know-how you should add layers. I do not so all I did was curl the hair.

The wig looks a lot better when you pull out your edges and blend your real hair with the wig hair but if you are a natural girl like me doing this is the summer will prove futile. My hair puffed up within seconds of walking outside. But if you are relaxed you will have much better results with leaving your edges out and blending some of you natural hair. I show this process in my wig review video below.

I think this is a good weekend wig. She will look really cute with a nice summer hat and big earrings. I will wear her on the weekends while running errands but probably not to work because of my issue with the parting space. 

Click the video below to see my initial review & styling of this wig.

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