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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Protective Styling

Beshe Shelly Wig update

The Beshe 'Shelly' Wig has truly changed by life for the better. It is so easy to log onto YouTube, see a Youtuber raving about something, covet it until you buy it and then forget about it. At least this is generally how things go with me *cough* Crochet Wig *cough*. That's exactly how I ended up with Shelly but instead of only wearing her two times on the weekend I ended up wearing her every day... for four weeks.

I know,  I'm just as shocked as you are!

But this is only because Shelly has made my life so much easier. Before her I was getting very lazy with my hair. I just hit my 2 year mark in my natural journey and I am very happy to say that my Fro is growing like weeds... BUT this hair is so thick & it really requires the patience and time that I just don't have all the time. Wearing a wig has alleviated the stress of nightly retwisting, 20 minutes of untwisting & styling in the morning, the uncertainty of a bad hair day if the twists are too big or small (God forbid you change up a product!). That bad hair day is always looming right around the corner girl. Now that I have my hair neatly cornrowed away under this wig I am able to sleep in longer, don't have to worry about humidity ruining my curls, no longer have to force myself to retwist my hair before bed and guess what, it looks great EVERY DAY!

I have tried other protective styles before. A month or two ago I had Havana Twists. I have had my fair share of sew-ins as well but I can never keep these styles in long enough to make them worth while economically & beneficially for my hair. But I have responded to wigs in a completely different way. Shelly was way more affordable than any extension style I have ever tried. She was only $17 (on sale) online! She also offers a benefit other styles don't. I can take her off and easily access my hair.

Even though I am lazy, and washing this ever growing Fro can be an all day process, I just can't deal with a dirty scalp. Wigs allow me to keep my 2-3 week washing period and still be able to rock my style without feeling like a wasted time and $120-$200 on a style only to keep it for 3 weeks, 4 if we are lucky. Wearing wigs is giving my hair a break & a chance to grow, my life a break from the constant manipulation, it's easy on my wallet & it allows me to change up my look.

Another great thing about Shelly is that she doesn't baffle & confuse my fellow compatriots of the office. I like changing my hair and I embrace all women to take advantage of that freedom but not all the time do I want to (unintentionally) invoke stares, irritating questions & the urge of strangers to touch my hair, weave or wig. #SayNoToCoWorkers. Shelly looks so much similar to my natural style that no one has questioned her. In fact many people think this is my hair & besides a few of my fellow naturals I let them believe it!

To make a long story short.Shelly is awesome. I just ordered a new one along with two different wigs. So there will be plenty more wigs on this blog & my YouTube Channel, you can look forward to that sistah!

Check out my 4 week update on the Beshe Shelly Wig on YouTube. I talk about her changing texture and how I've been fooling people for weeks!

My initial Shelly Wig Review video is below

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