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Friday, September 7, 2012

Impress Nails

Today I used one of my favorite new products, impress Nails by Broadway nails. I've tried this twice prior to today and I have had a good experience each time. Today I used #120 "Joyride" which is a shimmery magenta or purple.
 I paired the press on nails with Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear nail color #190 Posh Plum, which is almost an exact match. This shade of purple is pretty but honestly it isn't my favorite but I decided to try it out because the polish and nails matched so perfectly! Usually when I buy these nail I try to find a polish that matches to use on my toe nails. The nails come with instructions and an alcohol pad to clean your nails with. Here is the end result!

They look very natural and they feel very comfortable. There are 24 sizes so I think they will fit a wide variety of finger nails sizes. The nails are numbered which is a big help when applying them.

In my experience the nails have lasted up to 10-15 days, which is over the week the package promises. I do normal activities while wearing them, shower, wash dishes (with gloves), clean up around the house and other normal daily activities. Usually after the week is up I have one nail that will become loose and to squeeze out an extra day I will use nail glue to reapply the nail. 
I really Love this product because it is more gentle on my nails than acrylic or gel nails from a salon and lasts a long time. This is idea for going out to parties or weddings, basically any time that you want to have a quick, neat and long lasting manicure. It's so easy to apply these nails that you could do this in the car if you needed to. I recommend buying these and I will in the future. 
The only problem I have with them is that the vast array of colors presented online is not always present in the stores that carry them. Hopefully they create a way, or I discover a way to buy these online. Also the length of these, which is respectable, is too short. I had to cut down my own nails just to be able to wear them. It would be nice if they offered longer nails but for now, I guess this will do!

I got my Impress nails from Walmart. The usually price is anywhere from $4-$8 depending on location and style of the nails.
I hope this review was helpful and I hope you decide to try them out!

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