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Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall Look Book

     There are a lot of great fashion trends for this season and I have picked a few of my favorites to showcase. Some of these pieces are new, I did a lot of shopping during Labor Day weekend (a time for amazing fall sales), but others are items I previously wore in the summer and transitioned to fall or were bought last season.

     Most of the time that I am dressed in more than pajamas I am at work so when I am shopping I am very conscious about the versatility and office friendliness of the things that I buy. The dress code in my office is mostly casual- to business casual so I don't have a very severe split in my wardrobe when it comes to the clothes I wear in my personal life and the clothes that I wear in the office. Most of the looks in this look book will be casual but work appropriate and of course they will always have room to be dressed up or down depending on how you feel.

So without further adieu here are my 5 Looks:

All Natural 

     These army green jeans were an integral part of this outfit. I fell in love with them and their price at JC Penney and immediately went to Pintrest to get some inspiration on how to wear them. One look I fell in love with integrated pink and brown hues.

     According to the September issue of InStyle Green and all of its magnificent shades are very in this fall but especially a dark shade like this one. They recommend pairing it with rose, or lavender to bring out the undertones in your skin. I would also like to pair this with yellow.

     Instead of the boots I opted for cheetah print flats & a similar printed scarf. This ads complexity to an otherwise plain & pattern-less outfit.  The brown tone of the shoes and scarf are also present in the cross-body bag which could be interchanged with a smaller bag, like the cheetah print bag in the picture above. Both bags and the scarf are key pieces in my fall wardrobe that I got last year. The pants and sweater are new additions.

This look: 
H&M $14.95

JC Penney's 'Arizona'
Reg. Price $38
sale $19
After coupons $15.99

JC Penney's 'Mixit'
Reg Price $26,
After coupons $7.65

Scarf: Ross
Bag: Forever 21

     If you are looking to buy some green pants I would suggest looking at Pintrest. Despite what you may think there are a lot of options for wearing a statement piece like this!

Sports Luxe 

     The sporty-meets chic look has been in for a while now and I'm actually a fan. It's a great way for me to bring my girly side out while also being comfortable. In this look I am wearing tapered jogging pants with wedge sneakers, an essential to the sports luxe look. The pants, while relaxed through the thigh and hip, are fitted at the ankle which compliments the silhouette, and gives a more structured look as opposed to your average boot cut jogging pant. I got these at New York and Company, this season they office lots of styles and textures in this style, but these 'sporty pants' are in nearly every store right now.
     On top I wore a simple white camisole with a grey hoodie and thin canvas jacket. These two together give a great layered look and provide a warm that they cannot provide separately.
     My look may be too relaxed for most work places but according to InStyle you can still take this look to the office by buying this same style of pants but in a silkier fabric or leather and pairing it with a blazer or structured top and heels.
    You can also try the 'sports luxe' look by wearing a team jersey or Tee with a fitted skirt and heels.

This Look:
JC Penney's A.n.a
Reg $60, Sale $35
After Coupons $27

JC Penney's
Reg $44, Sale $20
After Coupons $11.99

Jogging pants:
New York and Company
Reg $39.95,
After Coupons $25.91
Nike 'Dunk Sky Hi Essential' in color Bone

The Classic

     This is the kind of outfit that you put on when you have no clue what to wear, not too much time to put together something elaborate but you still want to look great. The draping of the black top give a comfy yet dressy look to your average outfit while the jewel tones orchard pants give a color pop.

   I'm actually wearing a pair high waisted pants that I bought earlier this summer in this look. Another way to transition a piece of summer into the fall.
Any color of jeans would look great with this look, especially grey. If you want to be a little more adventurous you could pair this shirt & boot with a nice pair of floral or nature patterned jeans/ tapered slacks. Wearing a bold pattern with neutral pieces makes you stand out while also not over doing it.
     You could easily make this look more sophisticated by adding wedge booties.

This Look:
H&M $19.95


JC Penney "Coleen"
Reg Price $69
After Coupons $47.99

Michael Kors

Cool Grey

     This is another basic outfit that anyone can look great in this fall. Long sleeve knits and dark jeans are a must for any wardrobe but shoes and outerwear can bring an average outfit into excellence.
     The Lacie bootie is my favorite part of this outfit. I have always wanted a pair of these lace up wedges and I was finally able to grab a great pair at JC Penney on Labor Day weekend. I got the inspiration to cuff my skinny jeans from a look on Pintrest. I think this draws attention to the ankle and of course your shoes. You definitely don't have to cuff your pants to wear these shoes but I would suggest wearing them with skinny or straight leg pants.
    The jacket I am wearing is from H&M and it is probably the best new jacket I've bought in a while. It looks light but it is very warm. I should be able to wear this well into October and possibly November if the weather permits. Despite the price it is a very nice quality and the fake leather on the sleeves and waist is extremely soft and realistic.

This Look:
H&M $39.95

JC Penney's 'Arizona'
Reg price $26
After Coupons $11.99

JC Penney 'Arizona'

JC Penneys
Reg price $49
After Coupons $31.99

Ice Tea

     Many of you know about my obsession with Tea Length skirts. I bought about 4 of them in different patterns and colors for the spring and guess what... I still love them and they are still on trend for fall!
InStyle's September issue featured many long billowy skirts in thick patterned fabrics for this fall.
     I picked up this black quilted full skirt at H&M. this is definitely thick enough for fall especially paired with boots and tights. This trend is best worn with flats, booties or heeled boots and a fitted top. Instead of the fitted top I opted for tucking in a sweater to bring attention to my waist and give me an hour class figure.
     If you are worried about looking a little too 1950's you can wear your long skirt with a simple V-neck Tee or even a crop top, according to InStyle. The point is to show skin in some way and to cinch your waist with a belt or by tucking in your shirt and letting the skirt band do the work for you.

This Look:
H&M $24.95

H&M $24.95

Payless 'Staci' by Fioni

Other Trends to look for this season

     Of course I'm not done shopping, I'm merely on a break until the next big sale, There are still trends I want to try and pieces I'm stalking until I get a good sale. I really love the heavy knits and patterned cardigans that are on trend this year. I want to find the perfect one to wear belted over a midi length body con dress and boots.  I also want to find a nice animal print skirt, preferably cheetah print. Wearing prints on a neutral pallet is also on trend this fall. Animal prints can be a little flashy but when paired with similar tones and on the right skirt or top I think it will work out nicely.
I also need a nice pair of brown leather boots. I'm hoping to snag some of these items within the next few weeks but I may wait until Black Friday to do any serious shopping. I have to start preparing for my favorite Holiday ;) Until next time, Happy Shopping!

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