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Friday, September 5, 2014

Battle of the lip Crayons

       In case you didn't know lip crayons are all the rage and have been for quite some time. Nearly every makeup line has created their own version, so it won't be hard to find one that suits your lip needs, be that matte color, moisture, full coverage or lip tint. I only have a couple (so far) from varying brands & prices. Here's my collection and how I rank each one:

Victoria's Secret Sheer Lip Tint

I got this after checking the balance of my Secret Rewards card a couple months ago and finding that my balance was only $10, just enough to get this lip crayon. As you can see by the round tip I use it quite often. This was my first and probably my favorite lip crayon because of its everyday look.

Why I like it:
-Even though this is sheer, it gives your lips a nice color. You will have to reapply but it wears off evenly which is always nice.
-It is very moisturizing and will give your lips a healthy, natural shine.
-I sometimes use this with my matte red lip colors. When they wear off or leave my lips dry I will use this on top to fill in the color and moisturize my lips.

Should you buy it?
Yes. especially if you can use a $10 coupon or VS reward and get it for free like I did! This is a lot like the baby lips lip balms. I really love this crayon!
-Unfortunately there are only 3 colors :( so if you are looking for variety you won't find it here!

L.A. Colors Chunky Lip crayon

I got these two from the beauty supply in the colors Lilac and Warm Carmel. This was after I fell in love with the LA girl lip paint so I figured I would try my luck again.

Why I like it:
-very creamy and easy to apply
-pretty moisturizing 
-VERY cheap, these were $1.99 at the Beauty Supply store. I'm not sure how much they cost online but I've never seen them in any other stores..

Should you buy it?
If you want to try them it won't be a huge loss of money even if you don't like them but I will warn you that these are not full coverage, despite their claim to give intense color. Warm Carmel is a nude color so I wear it like lip balm but the lilac is very much like a sheer tint. I had to put on a lot in order for the true color to show in the picture seen.
- There are 18 colors so some of them may be more pigmented than these two

Revlon Color Burst Matte Lip Balm

These lippies have been all the rage on YouTube for quite some time so I decided to try them out. I got them from Walgreens on sale, buy one get one half off, which is great because these bad boys are around $8.99 a pop, sometimes $10 depending on where you are shopping.

Why I like it:
-These are a really creamy matte formula which is good.
-They are long lasting. The color stays for a good while unless you eat a full mean but snacking doesn't hurt much.
-full coverage
-Easy to find. They are sold at Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and many more places I'm sure.

Should you buy it?
-If you don't want to spend $10 for a lip Crayon this is not for you but if the price doesn't bother you go for it.
-They are truly Matte just like any lipstick, definitely a plus
-10 different colors so there is a nice variety in shades
-Vibrant colors
-However you need to moisturize your lips before usage because they will show every crack and flaw in your lips!
-Revlon also has 10 Color Burst Lacquer crayon colors which are on the moisture side of the lip color spectrum, just in case you don't like the Matte Lippies

Boots No7 Lip Crayon

I also picked this lip crayon up at Walgreens. It was on sale so I only paid $7.99 but its regular price is $9.99.

Why I like it:
its very smooth and has a shimmer to it

Should you but it?
This is my least favorite. I'm not a huge fan of this color but there are 5 others that may be better. This also seems more like a lip tint than a full coverage moisture lip crayon so I think I would rather use the LA Colors lip crayon because the price is better but it offers the same quality.
I just wasn't really impressed by it. I've only used it once so far.

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