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Monday, January 6, 2014

Tales From the Roots: New Hair

Mini Big Chop!

Some of you may know that I have been dying to cut my hair! I had originally planned to go all in and do a big chop but that plan changed a few weeks ago for a few reasons...
1) It is extremely cold here in Chicago (today's high was -15) so I'm not really inclined to lose hair which is sort of critical in keeping my head warm right now.
2) I wouldn't be able to do wash-and-go's with the weather like this unless I gave myself ample time for my hair to fully dry and I can't guarantee myself that. Plus it takes the simplicity out of it.
3) I found an awesome hair cut that would ease me into my big chop and add some spice to my grown out bob. So without further ado, my new hair....


The Cut

I really REALLY love this cut!! I was referred to a stylist by the name of Valencia of Lenci's Luxury Salon. She is a licensed beautician who works from her in home salon in Country Club Hills. I made my appointment on her StyleSeat website a few days before, sent her a picture of the cut I wanted and she was ready for me. Valencia was really vocal about exactly what she was doing to my hair and she also talked to me about natural hair care, her past experience as a stylist and the products she uses. The hair cut was only $15 without styling; I curled it myself later. The best thing about the hair cut is that it blends very well. If I wanted to wear it straight or part it differently it wouldn't be a problem because she cut it so well. It has great movement and I am extremely happy with it! I curled it a few days ago, have been wrapping it at night and I still have lots of curls and volume. I definitely plan to visit her again later for some color and possibly when I do my big chop later this year. 

My inspiration

I find a lot of my inspiration for hair styles and cuts online, namely on social networking sites. I stumbled across Mckenzie Renae on Pintrest. In the picture I found she was actually rocking a pixie cut, similar to the one I initially wanted to for my hair. I loved her hair so much that I pretty much internet stalked her and found her twitter and Instagram (please don't judge lol). When I saw this picture I knew it was the one!! I also love the fact that her twist outs look really awesome with this same cut, so I can't wait to try it on my own head along with color. Not blonde but probably chestnut. 

Future Hair Plans... 

I think I will keep this cut fresh at least until March. I am 8 months into my natural journey and currently I am planning on doing my big chop at my one year mark (May 4th). Mostly because I don't plan on wearing my hair straight in the summer (with the humidity I probably wont be able to if I tried anyway) and dealing with permed ends just wont work at all. This is the plan right now, but it might change. We shall see!

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