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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Outfit of the Night- M Lounge Chicago


Last night's adventures included drinks at The M Lounge in Chicago for a family member's birthday, followed by a late dinner at Applebee's.  The name of M lounge does not mislead; low lighting, comfortable seating in chocolate colored lounge chairs with a view of the long bar and even a small V.I.P section in the back. And the service was great! a waiter brought over our drinks from the bar and was very prompt with refills ;) Besides the great company and fun conversation, my favorite part was getting dressed for it all!
M Lounge Long Island 

I was channeling Kim Kardashian in my see-
through, blush colored, lace top I got a while back from Express with a nude colored bra underneath. It's a little chilly out and I'm not Kim Kardashian so I topped mine with a black blazer. This blazer is actually apart of a suit set but I usually wear the blazer separately. On the bottom I wore liquid leggings that give the appearance of leather but were actually only $14.99 from Charlotte Russe.
Kim Kardashian

I had two options for shoes. The blush pumps bring out the shirt and add brightness to the outfit but the cheetah platform pumps also bring out the print of my bag, which I got from JC Penney. I chose to wear the cheetah print shoes for comfort but either way works. My jewelry is all gold, matching the hardware on my purse. The necklace is from Charlotte Russe, the bracelets and rings are from Forever 21 and the watch is from JC Penny.

A lot of these pieces I bought separately and quite some time ago but I know that most of them were on sale! Here are the prices, to the best of my memory...

Cheetah Pumps on sale at Target $20
Cheetah Bag on sale at JC Penney $15
Watch from JC Peneey $20
Bracelets at Forever 21 no more than $5
Necklace at Charlotte Russe no more than $10
Blush pumps from Charlotte Russe 1/2 of a buy one get one $10.50 deal.
All in all I had a great night and looking great is always a plus!

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